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  1. Hi! I would love to hear some remixes, perhaps a medley from Robin Hood (NES) Kinda makes me sad to see that no one posted a remix for this pearl in all this time (wish i, myself had the talent to remix or create for that matter) (I particularly love the battle themes) Another remix I really want to hear before I die is an epic remix of the Faxanadu Intro song...I can understand it's hard though, since it's pretty short, but it makes my eyes tear every time i hear it! Last but not least. I tried like fifteen years ago to make my own remix of Shadowgates Lightning rod in fruity all went to hell of course and I've been yearning for a remix ever since... Thank you're doing a great job!
  2. Really great arrangement! I'd love to hear this with a real orchestra. I was never fond of the syntethic orchestral sound samples.