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  1. Actually really digging the lyrics. Strongest part of the song for sure. I think my biggest problem is with the kick drum. It feels super week, especially for a hip-hop song like this. You're hardly using any of the super low end (like, 200 hz and below) with either the kick or the bass, i feel like expanding a bit there could add a whole lot of character to the song.
  2. I had an old account that I hadn't logged into in about 7 years (2010) and needless to say I don't have that info anymore. If any of you remember Arsal, hey! Anyway, I'd been working on a remix of the Besaid Island Theme on and off for about 8 years or so and I finally reached something I liked a few months back. A bunch of my friends have suggested submitting it to OCR, but I really feel it's not quite there yet. Remix in question: And in case you're not familiar with the original source: Main things I'm looking for advice on are the drums a
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