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  1. This song is beautiful. Occasionally I try to introduce my friends to OCR music, with typically limited success. "But... it doesn't have any words!" tending to be the most popular comment, followed in a close second by "is that techno? Those aren't real drums!" Fortunately, Music of My Groin isn't techno, plus it even has words. People listen to this and go "wow, I used to think these OCR people were no-talent hacks, but this is great!" Before long, you have them submitting their own spc+drumloop opuses (opera?) every fifteen seconds. Consider this Shael Riley classic the marijuana to McVaffe
  2. This piece is amazing. I can just see a concentration camp in my mind when I hear this song. Well, what I think one would be like, anyway. This is extremely moving stuff. The hitler quotes are very chilling, used at appropriate times and mixed well with the piece. The repeated slow-downs, the places where the music would stop altogether and the ambience after the heavier sounding bits also added to the very deep and moving feel it had. I'm very impressed with this one, Mazedude is only getting better, and for someone with his skill, this can only be a good thing.
  3. Gawrsh. I'm just amazed at the way this ReMix manages to combine christmas music and Mario music. It's almost insane. I'm sure that if I'd never heard any Super Mario music before I would not notice that half the music in this ReMix came from a game. What I loved the most was when the SMW music came on as a base beat and the Sleigh Ride (?) music, then Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, then Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and another one I didn't know... Actually, I also loved the bits where christmas songs would be used as 'verses' of a kind, and Mario music would be used as a sor
  4. A good mix from Chris Abbot. Not the kind of ReMix you would find yourself jumping out of your chair and dancing to, but an enjoyable listen and an overall well done techno/electronic piece. The zooming sound in the background fitted well with the other, less flowing instruments, which even included (or perhaps just sounded like) some of the tones from the original game. The more ambient bit after 1:06 sounded great and added a nice change to an otherwise sound-rich mix. The voice added that extra touch of ambience. The instruments fading back in was well done, the ending sounded okay, but n
  5. Amazing, just amazing. This is one of the few ReMixes that just lifts me out of my chair from its sheer happy groove. Happy industrial... who would have thought? and it works so well! I now find myself wishing someone else had thought of it and I could listen to more songs of this genre. To my eternal embarassment I frequently find myself bouncing along to this ReMix and its crazy, blobby, boppy beats. To be honest, I've never heard the original music, and from what I've heard that's probably for the best. This ReMix reflects Mazedude's usual standard of quality and the avant garde stuff he'
  6. Wow. I gotta say right from the start that I've never heard the Wild Arms music, so I can't make any judgement on how it sounds in relation to the original, then again, perhaps this gives me a more unbiased viewpoint. This ReMix is amazing, I was addicted to DJ Crono's first piece, and it seems as though this is DJ Crono taking the unique style he created and refining the way he does it. The lyrics sound much better, not that I had any complaints with the original, but these are much more... meshed with the piece, much more developed. It still has a very rappy feel and still makes me want to
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