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  1. I just watched the video. You shoud definitely submit Into The Green World to OCR as well although it's already in Harmony of a Hunter. It's such a fantastic piece of music. By submitting it to OCR people who haven't downloaded Harmony of a Hunter yet will be able to listen to it as well. Besides, it's just another good reason for them to get HOAH.
  2. In my opinion, this remix is better than the original song. It's so epic that it might as well be in a Hollywood-movie. Truly an amazing remix! Keep it up! It also reminded me of the album "Harmony of a Hunter". My first impression is that it's freaking awesome. Thank you OCR for hosting and spreading all those great remixes!
  3. I don't know why but this remix somehow reminds me of Tales of Symphonia. Although I haven't finished The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and thus don't really know the original song I really like this remix.
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