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  1. Well since the minimap is about useless and takes up so much of my time trying to get my crappy pc to shink it down, im going to just offer the full download, unless theres an objection. I can throw out updates every night this way Heres the color index for those wanting to choose their own colors: (note: 6 is actually orange) default is f (white) d (pink) is currently reserved for admins default for donors is a (green) 0 (black) and 8 (dark grey) are terribly hard to read so I dont think i'll let anybody use those PM me with color change requests Donators Rare Item Requests: PM Me for one of these items: Saddle Green Record Gold Record Cloth Blocks (White Only) Lightstone Apple Slime Ball And of course, any item/non-rare material you want if you'd rather Obsidian is not available per request of the forum Edit: Also apparently fishing poles work, so I decided donators should get fishing poles.
  2. Sorry, I had to shut down the server because it was refusing to give me a backup without an error message. hmm I've lost my inventory once. I thought it was because i switched admin/regular, but maybe its a bug in the game (Surprise!) or bug in the Block-It mod.
  3. I'll come to where you want me to make a warp, I'll make a warp, i'll post a listing of the warps on the map website, and then players (anyone) can type /warp # and then zap they are there. Server down, running a backup real quick since i had to down the server anyways (Daylight mod will be on temp this evening) Edit: Back up!
  4. i think we've changed up: Donation gets you: Name Custom Color of your choice (Except bright pink, reserved for admins) A rare item of your choice A warp point to show off your stuff (everybody will get /warp to teleport to warps) A command to teleport to other players Sound good?
  5. Well this wouldn't be duping glitch, its a server command. But if you guys want I can just stick to rare item, warp commands. I dont think theres a fling mod and it seems a bit excessive sorry Hampster :/ I figured you out already prophet but thanks for clarification I'll double check the emails for you Hylian, your one of the ones i havn't figured out yet Edit: Okay got ya Okay, I think i've got them all figured out now
  6. Ideas for Goodie Bundle for donators: 64 Obsidian (too much?) 64 Diamonds (or blocks? Over kill much though) 64 Gold Ingots (or blocks?) 64 any other material of choice 1 Rare Dungeon Item of Choice (Record, Saddle, etc) /warp command (If you guys want the ability to warp, im making some warp points) Custom Name Color What do you guys think?
  7. Wow! Thank you for the donations everybody, we now have paid for the server easily. Do you guys want to get a server with more slots or just keep it at 8 slots w/ reservation list? Right now I'm trying to figure out who's who, since only a few gave me their OCR name. If you did not leave a note on your donation, please either PM me or if you don't feel comfortable sharing any info over the forums, PM me and i'll give you a private email to contact me at. Any future donators please leave a note with your OCR or MC username! Edit: I've got everybody figured out now, Thank you!
  8. Thank you for all who donated! Ill be setting up reserved slots and treats this evening
  9. Wonder how much more damage it would of done if they built it in the ground
  10. Okay so the only real negative part is the crops of the new mod? I'd assume let it stay since it has more benefits than negatives but if we have any uh, farmers, who object let me know and i'll remove it. I think the benefits far outweigh the 1 con though
  11. Any one confirm if this is an issue with the new mod?
  12. Theres a fix for lagblock that was added to my addons list, added it so you guys let me know if it works well. Also, did we want the minecart mania mod?
  13. Notches patches would give the "Client is out of date" error, not shut the server down!
  14. Sorry about that, saw the post about the 6 hours of lost work, I just ran a backup 30 mins ago so was going to try to use that to restore the server from the backup i just ran. Its back up so see if everything is there! if not, I have a backup of just 2 mins ago i ran just in case this didn't work
  15. The numbers all are identical, you guys must be copying a space or something! Minecraft doesn't ignore spaces or weird characters (again, great coding from notch) so make sure you dont have any before or after
  16. Unfortunately not to my knowledge :/ I just copy and paste as well
  17. Spawn protection disabled, so you guys go make something nice
  18. Looks like minecraft.net has been having some issues. I've updated the map, i've turned it so up/right is north, and shrunk it 1/3 instead of 1/4 so you can see things a bit more clearly. http://minecraft.minnazu.com/
  19. Things i've noticed: As you mention, this newest update has made the block reappearing problem 10x worse, almost EVERY time you mine a block it reappears now :/ Lag is generally worse now, lag spikes everywhere. I think due to more frequent CPU spikes Boats are server side now so other players can see them, but riding them is dangerous now. Its laggy, and If you lag too much while riding a boat, you'll be stuck, and often in some seizurerific grid lag world, and nothing but disconnecting fixes it, which then sometimes creates a clone of you. Fun times! Hopefully some patches will come out to fix these issues, from both noth and fans
  20. phill: I can change the direction of the map rendering, for some reason it defaults North as bottom/left... which makes no sense. I could just set north to top right and that should look alright. If everybody thinks thats the way it should be rendered I'll render maps that way instead
  21. I reset the server this morning because I was getting that error, sorry if you got kicked :/ I just logged in without problems and I see Hylian is on, maybe a glitch? Try shutting down minecraft For some reason Paint in 7 wont open anything but the original png even if i convert it with Paint, so I uploaded the original png.
  22. Hmm I just logged into Windows 7 and having no problems here. Maybe delete it and try to redownload, its 20MB so if its smaller than that it not finished Edit: Oh did you try to open it in Paint? Hmm let me see what i can do
  23. Try the full map download link, its "full" sized which is 4x larger, much more detail. The map is pretty huge though As far as the server, hey0 has been updated, now its in Multiplay's court to test it and roll out the update.
  24. The Site Uh excuse the horrid placeholder design, I didn't know what to code in PHP and Gman will probably handle the pretty parts, so just some terrible plain html. Rusty web designing skills indeed But heres a shot of the world as of the 9th i beleive. Scroll around to see, or right click on the link to download even bigger version . Those inclined to donate can if they wish, though might want to wait until the server comes back up
  25. Well, not much I can do for now. Its kinda a silly setup, apparently the Hey0 mod is required for my server to run, I can't remove it, so they aren't probably going to update my files until the Hey0 mod is updated anyways. Maybe i could request it but I dont think they want to run any servers w/o Hey0 + their own plugin. There are a few major draw backs to having the server set up this way :/ oh well, unless someone just has a monster machine with tons of extra bandwidth well have to just deal with these inconveniences. Its not all bad! I'll work on getting one of these images up Abadoss: the error message should say server is outdated, or client is too new, instead it just decides any version thats not the version it wants is "outdated", just another example of notch's superior coding skills!11
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