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  1. i think its Realms, im trying now with just hmod by itself and no plugins. For safety reasons, i've disabled monsters/health
  2. Kinda trollish. I dont see how that makes the post any less accurate, but fixed the first you're. The second one is correct.
  3. I think REalms is causing some issues with some of the other plugins, right now the server is stable, but i ONLY have realms on (for creeper nerfing) if it still acts up, i'll have to remove it peroid. Let me know how its working so far
  4. Er, I know you're being sarcastic (I hope), but CD's should technically "make" sound. Their audio tracks have all the audio information (44.1 Khz 16bit PCM audio waveform) on the disk and should sound basically the same no matter what your set up is (minus minute equipment clarity difference). "sounds like CD (quality)" is legit, because there is a quality of sound level
  5. Minus a few prerendered cutscenes, almost all of 8 and 9 sound track used the PSX's sound chip. No streaming/XA/Redbook, just sequenced PCM chip tune. PSF dumped as well. Square just had a lot of time to play with the PSX and pull the most juice out of it, so the audio/visual quality of their games jumped between 7, 8, and 9. FFT is the most amazing sounding though and thats STILL playing off the chip and not streaming.
  6. Aba: This is a client side mod, and only for single player I beleive :/ Would be neat to have if it wasn't such a heavy client mod Ori: Neither me nor Itch are having any issues
  7. Is anybody having issues since I restarted the server?
  8. But he made it kinda sound like it was a seperate track from the rest when its just samples like the rest of the instruments. That's all im trying to say. They for sure aren't being streamed in any fashion. And its not an entire recording just small clips repeated at different sections, cleverly arranged to sound like a full song sung by a choir Just to be clear.
  9. Well I can kinda see your point, but only to the choir samples/"instrument". The other instruments used in OWA are business as usual. All samples and playing at different pitches. So its not like the entire track is a sample playing in a specific order But we can both agree its definitely a sequenced track and not streamed/redbook/xa/etc. Its an interesting piece in more than one way
  10. Well, it really does the former, not the later. Its a sequenced track. Its not any different than voice clips in a MOD/IT/XM/etc. They could play those choir clips at different pitches if they wanted to, but why? And all the other instruments samples ARE playing at different pitches. ONLY the choir samples stays at the same pitch (and I could be wrong about that, they could be playing at different pitches). OWA is more than just a choir, its got other instruments playing too. My point is its being played via realtime PCM channels, its not streaming in any fashion. Its clever programming. Besides, in PCM, all instruments are "prerecorded". We're not talking about PSG or FM here.
  11. Mustin: 1.) If hes saying OWA was not a sequenced track, he is wrong. Proof is in the PSF. 2.) Correct. PSG, FM, or PCM. MIDI generally has never been used to directly play music from consoles. Sometimes they may use MIDI to create the songs, and then use a sound engine /sample bank to play them back, but the sound engine is the middleware. The console has no idea what MIDI is 3.) Correct. Gman: I'm arguing on the internet. This is important. And you are off topic.
  12. I didn't say anything about MIDI. I dont know if Square uses MIDI in their sound engine or not. They could have though, as MIDI is flexable to do that. I imagine it would be easier to do it in a tracker though. But yes, they were. I don't know why are you convinced they are not, given the facts The voice CLIPS (not the entire recording) were compressed and shrunk down to a lower bitrate, yes, and then used as a instrument sample. Its wavetable synth (PCM). Surely you are familiar?
  13. zircon: It does on the PlayStation, it doesn't exactly have the memory capacity to hold an entire prerecorded song in memory, especially RedBook CD Audio or XA. It doesn't have the CPU resources to do decompression of that scale either. One Winged Angel is sequenced, the choir singing are just samples of a choir singing. Its not anymore prerecorded than any other sample work. Again, the entire sequence has been dumped in PSF (PSX's sound chip dumps) format long time ago. Its only 4K, the entire audio engine with all its samples is 700K, the entire games sound track, including its sound engine in its entirety is only 900K.
  14. Speaking of basics of computer functionality, you cannot play a MIDI file without a piece of software/hardware to map instruments (ie the midi mapper you describe). The file itself has no definition of how it sounds. It can sound like anything. What a midi sounds like on your setup may sound different than someone else's computer. It can sound different on the same machine with another sound font. I wouldn't call people stupid when you don't know what you are talking about.
  15. Brandon: Actually they do NOT have a distinct sound. They can sound like anything, they are simply instructions for playing instruments, and can sound as good or bad as the program, sound card, sample patch, etc being applied to GIVE it sound. Hence this thread analoq: Thats a bit too pedantic. Especially since you refer to it as a MIDI file in your own correction
  16. Well, I was listening to the .mid file extension, which is a bunch of MIDI commands. I dont know what else to call the .mid file extention, it IS MIDI.
  17. Dissidia: Maybe you mean sequenced? As stated, One Winged Angel used in FF7 is being generated in real time using the PlayStations 24 channel PCM sound chip. It is not prerecorded or streaming audio in XA or RedBook. You can remove the disk and it'll keep playing. Its also been dumped in PSF format on the topic of collecting MIDI, I used to listen to MIDI from my WebTV every day in my teens. VGMusic.com and RPGamer.com were fantastic sites to get "original" and "remixes" of game music back before the advent of the mp3 came around. I still sometimes go over to them and grab a couple of MIDIs i used to listen to
  18. Neither PlayStation nor N64 "use midi to trigger sound". You can use anything, including MIDI, to make a library to play sound on their sound chips, but the concept of MIDI itself is not built into the sound chips for these consoles. or generally ANY video game console, for that matter. Also, One Winged Angel is using the PSX's sound chip, like all of FF7's music, and not streaming audio. "Sounds like midi" generally is people refering to poor samples, especially ones used in built in sound cards, or the MS general midi sound, but like the thread says, MIDI itself has no sound. It can be anything Sometimes people even refer to ALL chiptune/synth/realtime music as "MIDI" vs prerecorded streaming audio, but again, not correct at all. Its possible MIDI was used during their creation, but they could of easily used any custom tracker setup just as well
  19. Well, if you play a game with the GPS Over 3G/Wifi and use a Bluetooth device, sure, i doubt it'll run the full "5" But same with cell phones: Disable those when your NOT using them, and you'll get more out of it. With scaling, more cores are actually better for battery life. 4 cores running at %25 would take less energy than a single core 100%
  20. I guess you've never entered a contest, before have you Brandon? Generally the prize isn't negotiable lol I'm a little disapointed that the remix contest is only for one song and not the whole soundtrack. I like virt's music, he's awesome, but I'd have to say that THIS is the weaker track of the soundtrack of this game.
  21. So far they are saying the "NGP" will have about the same battery life of the original PSP which by Sony's definition is 3-5 Hours. Though hopefully it should probably lean towards 5 because the PSP had the power draining UMD drive to deal with Keep in mind, the 3DS has this same estimated battery life w/ the 3D effect on. It does not have the long battery life of its predecessors
  22. Well, theres a good reason Sony is pushing supporting the Android Smartphone/Tablet market with PlayStation Suite (available to approved Android devices). It makes more sense to spread themselves across multiple platforms and reap the benefits of all this similar tech. By this holiday season, quad core cpus in mobile devices will probably be on the market. Its already on the roadmap for Tegra I would not be suprised to see PlayStation Suite games support 3D display on 3D Android Smartphones Nintendo on the other hand, might be in a bit of trouble since they are set in their old fashioned ways. Especially if Sony decides to add 3D display at the last moment, or a "NGP" refresh with 3D support down the road
  23. 3DS has its 3D display as its selling point. Tech wise its a bit antiquated but it gets its job done, similar to the DS strategy. But its not even up to par with some major graphical features (Doesn't support OpenGLES 2.0+ like every mobile phone on the market since iPhone 3GS), so thats going to hold it back a bit. Sony is taking the bleeding edge advanced tech route again, only combined it with hopping on the Mobile/Casual market craze instead of solely aiming at hardcore gaming like the PSP. Also not going with the silly disc based media which is the #1 cause of most of PSP's problems. Its will be definately some close competition. 3DS has a head start and a larger audience and a new gimmick, but we shall see. Sony has pretty much every angle covered FAR better, minus 3D display. And maybe Price, we'll see
  24. The new Sony handheld, currently codenamed "Next Genearation Portable" is being shown off at the Sony press conference right now Features: Quad Core Cortex A9 ARM CPU PowerVR SGXMP (Quad Core GPU) 5 Inch OLED 960 x 544 display 2 Analog "Micro Sticks" Touch Screen Toucn Panel (Rear) 3 Axis Compass 6 Axis Motion Sensor Front & Rear Cameras GPS 3G Data Access (in Japan at least) Wifi (b/g/n) Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Microphone Game "Media" Options: Flash Carts (look almost exactly like DS carts) Playstation Store Playstation Suite OS They didn't flat out say it, but considering their newfound Android support, I'd say "NGP" runs on a heavily modified version of Android. More than likely, no Market access, instead replaced with PlayStation Suite Software Features: LiveArena Lobby System for multiplayer Location Based gaming & LiveArena to see whos playing what around you Augmented Reality gaming Trophies Backwards Compat: None, just like Go. No UMD. Rebuy your old games on PlayStation Suite if they release them :/ I assume if you bought games for Go on PlayStation Store you'll be okay but no confirmation PlayStation Suite: Previously announced was PlayStation Suite, a cross platform store for games, which will be supported on "approved" Android smartphone and tablet devices. "NGP" will also be able to buy games from PlayStation Suite PS1 and PSP games will be offered on PlayStation Suite Graphics: Apparently sub PS3 but not by a vastly large margin, better than 3DS but sans the 3D vision. Apparently porting PS3 games over to "NGP" takes very little effort Battery Life Estimated to be around the same as the original PSP (3-5 Hours), but probably more towards the 5 hr mark due to no UMD battery draining. Price: RIIIIIIIIDGE RACCEEEEERRR!! (N/A) Availability "Holiday" 2011 (I'll be updating this)
  25. Someone just has to vote you in on this thread
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