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  1. I really enjoyed it. Very chill. Very groovy. And yes, I love the album artwork. Great job, both of you.
  2. Will everyone's damn clothes stop falling off this time???
  3. I'm coming in a little late, sorry. I think this has a subtlety to it that the original was lacking in and I'm looking forward to the finished product.
  4. PS. It's been a pleasure doing business, Sir. <3 $
  5. I would agree that Japan is usually better, but it also depends on what you're watching. For example, I've noticed that the voice acting in dubbed anime tends to be far worse than most American cartoons. So, actually, Japan is just better at anime voice acting than we are.
  6. Yet another song that I was kinda "meh" about made over to the point I've changed my mind about it. Sweetness.
  7. Wow! I'm not even that familiar with Comrade KK and I still love this. I think if I'd had no clue what it was at all I'd still want to listen to it. <3 PS: I love KK's "singing!" T_T
  8. Ha, awesome. I really need a new NES.
  9. He's not as creative as the first Lantern... just saying.
  10. I wonder if the squirrel will make a cameo...
  11. Your Zelda 2 remix is how I found this site to begin with, so it's definitely cool to know that you're still active. Love the video by the way. Sounds great!
  12. No one I've spoken to IRL seems to remember this game, but thankfully youtube did. I used to play this with my grandmother all the time and it holds a special place in my childhood. A remix of any song from this game would be great. Anyone else remember this?
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