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  1. Well I voted, but I got a white screen so I don't if it went through
  2. I mean, is it worth me putting a vote in? It's not like I have multiple choices here!
  3. I've put something together, however it only uses about 2 seconds of part of the bassline, so it might not be recognisable as an actual remix, haha!
  4. I hate to be 'that guy', but isn't the game called 'Shattered Soldier'? And it's on the PS2, not the NES
  5. I started one with the Secret of Mana source but I didn't like how it turned out. I'll try and get a vote in, though.
  6. "Thank you very much my friend from bon du Francious"
  7. Welp, I'm still getting a white screen on ThaSauce when I vote, so I've sent my scores direct to Bundeslang. I'll post my (now much sparser) feedback on here when the results are up.
  8. Dagnammit. I gave a load of feedback in my votes. Don't think I'll be able to do it all again.
  9. Well apparently just saying his name is enough, because ThaSauce is back up!
  10. @Bundeslang Who is it that runs ThaSauce, he's on this site isn't he? Ramen-something?
  11. @Bundeslang, could you see if my vote registered on ThaSauce, please? I only got a white screen after hitting submit so I'm not sure if it went through! Nice turnout for this round, guys! I'm kinda sad that I had to leave someone with no points as everyone submitted something worthy of hitting the top 3, but thems the breaks I guess.
  12. I'm submitting an unfinished WIP, unfortunately. Illness has got me all messed up again so I've not been on top form.
  13. I had planned on putting a bonus entry together but I've been laid low with tonsillitis over the past week or so and I've not been near the PC. I'm trying to get something together for the current PRC round though!
  14. Voted. Excellent entries, guys! Good luck to both of ye!
  15. Sorry that this round was so FUBAR, guys At least TVG got a submission in!
  16. I've got an Akai MIDI keyboard and it's less than stellar. In fact it's currently gathering dust on a shelf as it seems to have bricked itself somehow.
  17. I was just going for a Comix Zone source and went for the one labelled 'Credits' on VGmusic. That's as far as my thinking went
  18. FYI, THIS is the reason I've been busy over the past few weeks **SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT**
  19. Soooo somehow the deadline is... tomorrow? How did that happen?? I may not be participating in this one after all
  20. So while I pick my source for PRC404 (or whichever one it is), I have a question for the participants of this fine musical competition; would you prefer something reasonably simple that would lend itself more to adding your own interpretations, or something more challenging and potentially out of your comfort zone?
  21. Parasite Eve was the very first PRC that I entered waaaaay back in Round 218 (also, strangely, that remix is one of the most popular on my Soundcloud. I have no idea why!), so I may well have to see what I can do with this source.
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