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  1. My entry is in! Had a lot of fun with it, looking forward to see what Gar comes up with!
  2. I still miss Sega consoles. Their dropping out of the hardware market was very, very sad time for gaming in general. I still maintain that the Dreamcast was one of the best consoles ever made, its a shame that they stuck all their eggs in one basket with projects like Shenmue.
  3. As a big fan of @Garpocalypse's work I am suitably hype about my matchup.
  4. Question: is round 2 starting on Sunday or Monday? Also what time, roughly?
  5. Hey @DarkeSword, are we getting signatures this year?
  6. Yep, all good for the following week for me!
  7. Same here! I went through the video that @orlouge82 shared and picked something from there. https://youtu.be/-5q2i9eeCdM
  8. I've not made anything for a fair old while (and my history with these compos usually see's me going out in the first round anyway) but I'll chuck my hat into the ring: 1) Top Man (MM3) 2) Elec Man (MM1) 3) Flash Man (MM2)
  9. I thought this as well! I have a track all finished! GAH! *Edit* I'm damned pleased with this track so it must be heard! Uploaded to my Soundcloud here!
  10. DAMMIT! I mis-read the ThaSauce page and though there was 14 hours left! Well, I made a horrendous thing, maybe Bunda might want to stick it up as a bonus mix or something
  11. Oooooooh I'm on this one! Like white on rice!
  12. Holy crap, that is not going to be easy to mix. Certainly worth a go, though.
  13. Voted! What a cool turnout! I was working on something for this last minute but apparently left it too last minute as the voting has already started. C'est la vie, eh?
  14. I'm lucky enough to have access to a pretty extensive Kontakt library, in this case it was the Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass along with Superior Drummer 2.0 I liked your entry, by the way! Very dark and moody, an excellent take on the source. And @Silverpool; I liked the 16-bit take on the tune, though the opening was a bit busy with the bitcrushed cymbals overriding a lot of the soundscape. The track did suffer a little from repetition as there weren't many variations between the different 'sections' of the song. A cool bonus entry though.
  15. So last year I submitted this track to the tender mercies of The Judges and it was summarily rejected (sob, wail etc). I've finally decided to revisit the track and would appreciate any help and suggestions on how to improve it. Source:
  16. Good lord this brings back some memories! I remember playing Zelda II before I had even learned to read! In retrospect that might explain why I never got very far into the game, it being an RPG and all...
  17. Not making excuses (ok maybe a little) but my track is literally the product of a few hours work that had intended to go back to and then forgot about, uh, I mean ran out of time on
  18. I have a scratch track but not much time to work on it. I'll get something submitted regardless.
  19. Wow, what an interesting choice! Will certainly look into doing something with this.
  20. I'm not a hip-hop/rap fan, however this track is pure awesome. The flow of the track is amazing and the vocals fit perfectly with the source. One of the best remixes on the site.
  21. Voted! A nice turnout, well done everyone!
  22. Wow, this is an awesome upgrade to an 8-bit track! The orchestration is magnificent. And this track is almost 10 years old! Good lord...
  23. In that case I shall endeavour to do it tonight!
  24. I should be able to get around to it soon. It's been at the back of my mind for a while!
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