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Status Updates posted by Troyificus

  1. Epic-sized congratulations on getting your mix posted dude! Tis an excellent mix to be sure!

  2. Yikes, sorry about that, it has been amended!

  3. Hey thanks for taking the time to say that man, I appreciate it :-) The finished version may be inflicted on the world someday, we shall see...

  4. Hey man, credit where credit is due! Your track reminded me of a Dragonforce track without the cloying degree of pretentiousness that goes with anything they do -_- I'd be up for hearing an updated version when it's available :)

  5. Got the feedback, thanks a lot I really appreciate it! =oD

  6. Thanks for the 1st place vote and the awesome feedback on the last PRC, really appreciate it!

  7. Argh! No pressure then eh? ;) Don't get your hopes up to high, I've a) never done anything even remotely like this before, B) no live instruments are being used and c) my string samples ain't all that. So apart from that I'm sure it'll blow your mind maaaaan!

  8. Thanks for the birthday message dude! :D

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