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  1. Are we counting MMORPGs? I think that if we are we should definitely list certain creatures from games like Everquest as the hardest boss ever. It takes hundreds of people to beat some of those guys.
  2. I believe it's called "quoting." I also thought I heard suggestions of Castlevania at other parts of the soloing. I'm sure that these subtler quotations weren't intentional on the part of this artist and are actually integrated portions of his improvisational style. I find myself inserting Castlevania in my guitar riffs from time to time as well. They're powerful, dark lines, and my subconscious likes to bring them out whenever I'm in that kind of musical situation. The guitar work in this remix demonstrates lyrical ability AND technical prowess. I applaud the remixer for not simply rippi
  3. I usually stay out of the review section of this site only because I have been accused of being an elitist snob for some of my criticisms. That being said, let it be clear that I think this remixer is a talented individual. I'm not really competent to speak about the orchestral sound quality that has preoccupied some of the other reviews. I'm of the opinion that anything one can do to make the instruments sound less digital is a plus. Perhaps some of DJP's suggestions in his review would do the trick. It is clear that you are a talented guitarist. As a longtime player myself, I have a fe
  4. Nice work! I had no idea what to expect because I really have never played this game, but the rhythm absorbed me right from the beginning. Tasteful use of melody and patches, although I thought the horn patch that began around 1:30 was a bit out of place. The only other thing that I seemed to crave as the song went on was a patch with some more sustain, although that is an artistic decision that is totally up to the remixer. Again, I really liked this mix. Keep it up.
  5. Look, if this is piercing to your ears then just adjust your graphic EQ....sheesh. Unless there is something seriously lacking in my sound setup, which I don't think there is, the piano doesn't seem to be piercing anyway. Anyway, I liked this tune. I guess I have a soft spot for impressionistic pieces. However, I think the artist suffers from a common problem that I seem to have whenever doing something similar - the melody loses its distinctiveness within the newly arranged chord voicings. Now that the new chord voicings are present, some of the old tensions caused by the melody have
  6. Wow, I really enjoyed this. I've only listened to it once, but it felt like the improv got better as time went on. As an avid jazz fan I have to say the horn work was quite enjoyable. I'm a big Trane fan myself, so the neat lines were not lost on me. Surprisingly, also, I liked the organ, and I don't usually like organ at all...something about the sound disturbs me. This organ kinda sounded like the one they use in Phish sometimes. Guitar was a nice feature on this track too. Understated as it was, I wish there had been more focus on it. Bass kept things moving and certainly art
  7. This remix was good, but I felt like the buildup could have been compressed to a shorter length. Some parts skirted the edge of being somewhat cheesey. Specifically I am referring to the echoey pad thing during the last part of the mix. It wasn't so much the patch as it was the simplistic harmonic progression. In other words, the "vertical" aspect of the notes on the staff was not as engaging as I would have liked. This surprised me because the The Wingless can put together some harmonically dense and interesting things such as Teardrinker, which is his kick-ass interpretation of the Bub
  8. This is, musically, the best remix on the site...and I have listened to them all. In fact, this might be the absolute best mix on the site but I know someone is going to blast me about subtle sound quality issues. For people who find themselves getting bored by the musical simplicity of many VG remixes, this mix was custom designed to your neural pathways. I'm a tough customer to be captivated by a mix - my idea of easy listening is John Coltrane in his early days. This arrangement is soooooooooooo ENTERTAINING. Seriously, I felt myself connecting with the artist...something that I rarely
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