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  1. I'm kind of sad they still haven't added Isaac from Golden Sun. Being able to use Djinn for different moves would be way cool.
  2. My problem with Gamestop happened like 4 years ago. I went into a store to ask about preordering a CE PC game and got laughed at by the employees. They quoted NPD retail sales chart as proof that PC gaming was dead and "It's all about consoles now". Even though NPD doesn't account for any digital sales and that was when Steam was kicking into high gear.
  3. I have to say. Just last night I was listening to Heaven's Tower for the sole purpose of relaxing after a few stressful days. Then today I check OCR to find this waiting for me. mv you just made my week 10 times better. @Bahamut you're more right than you probably know. It's expected that people who have played a game before are going to appreciate it's soundtrack, source or remix, a lot more. But FFXI wasn't your typical MMO. I can't say too much about how the game feels these days... but back when I played it the game had a very unique feel to it. You could spend your time focused on leveling to cap, but that wasn't the focus at all. The world was huge, and there was an endless amount of content. People played the game religiously for 5+ years and still found things to do. I guess what I'm trying to say is that FFXI wad designed to compliment any pace for any player, and for a lot of them, sitting down in your favorite zones listening to the music was a past time. The soundtrack was pretty much composed around every zone to make them more unique. i.e. Gustaburg had an arid desert theme going. I can only give proper credit where it is due, to Kumi Tanioka for helping make FFXI unforgettable. mv don't let it be 7 years before your next submission
  4. Here is the perfect example of why I appreciate OCR. I probably wouldn't have thought about Shenmue in 20 more years if I didn't look up here to see this remix. It is sad in some ways how games of the past that held our imagination would be forgotten. But for now, at least, I can remember why I loved this game so much while I replay this remix over and over again. Thanks Radiowar.
  5. Definitely one of my favorite Zelda remixes to date. This has to be the hardest track I've ever tried to audio surf
  6. I believe there is a PC version for 7 8 and 9. They were basically able to port the PSX games.
  7. http://www.finalfantasy7pc.com/mods/ Ask and you shall receive. http://www.finalfantasy7pc.com/mods/aalis-custom-graphics-driver/ This is a good place to start for improving graphics as it unlocks the resolution and allows you change it.
  8. "sniff... time to breed another gold chocobo"
  9. Starts @ 2:20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s64Dx6MyMuU&feature=related Amazing Kate. Composed and performed song for a big company like Nexon? Well deserved spotlight! I hope there is more to come.
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