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  1. I felt compelled to sign in and comment - something I rarely do - that this is probably one of the greatest arrangements of anything I've ever heard. This remix is amazing. I only wish more people could hear it.
  2. Wow, this has to be the most awkward way of getting a reply by an admin (the freaking head honcho none-the-less) that I have ever seen... The video didn't credit you or this website either. Not that I remember at least. I am not a member to that website (or any such website for that matter), so I can't tell you if there is mention about the copyrights for the music elsewhere, but I wouldn't count on it. Seems like some low budget erotica website trying to take free music and use it as if it were under public domain. Might be something you would like to contact them about. I am not about to pr
  3. Hate to be that guy, but this track was used as the soundtrack for a video by the erotic website Cosplay Deviants. This being one of my favorite tracks from OC Remix, I felt I had to share.
  4. Heh. Eve was my old stomping grounds. Have 3 characters, one near 60 mil SP I think. Kinda don't think I will be going back, but I have said that at least 5 times. I am starting to wonder if I should just get it over with and sell my toons, but I would probably regret it and start a new one. Some of the missions are fun and mining isn't but makes doing homework go by quicker. I was never good at playing the market. PvP on the other hand... I was in a power block up in the drone regions back when MC had just split from BoB. GS and RA decided to off us and we somehow let them take it. We had a
  5. Shawn from Texas says, "This is easier than the last scratch-off game I tried, but still not the easiest contest that I have entered."
  6. Oh, this is great. Glad to see you get posted. Gives me hope that the Chemical Plant Zone remix from the WIP section will make it too. Keep up the great work.
  7. Reverb is an effect in the domain of time. It is essentially adding an artificial echo to make the instrument sound "bigger." Most often, you can hear it on solo instruments to make them sound more full and fleshed out. Other than that, in the real world setting, every type of instrument has some kind of natural reverb. On most instruments, they even have overtones, which are nothing more than sympathetic frequencies chiming at the same time as the main note. The type and amount of reverb is based on a number of factors, but above all the size and shape of the room. That is why you hear the t
  8. I have been following OCRemix since VotLS and must say that I enjoyed this WIP so much that I actually signed up just to comment and tell you. I really love the progression you're making between versions. Great source tune and great rendition. My only criticism would involve the beginning (liked the old way better), more bass and/or reverb in the breakdown on the rhythmic parts and the ending. It is too... meh. A fade out might work well in this song, or a subtractive sequence where individual patterns get taken out as you end. Just my thoughts though. Keep up the good work. I will be very t
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