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  1. You never cease to impress me with your Pokémon remixes. >w< Before the MissingNo. Tracks, there pretty much weren't any that made the cut on oCR, and then after its release, here you come with track after track of delicious Pokémusic goodness! Keep up the awesome work, dude!
  2. I like it. :3 Kinda sounds like it would've fit into the Advent Children soundtrack had they used YCHTCOTP in the film.
  3. Very nice. Given how faithful each section is to the source material, I don't think this would make the cut on oCR, but it's definitely a nice tune!
  4. o.o This... is... AWESOME! At first I was like, "Meh. Sounds like a straight cover, nothing special..." Then the amps and brass came, and I came too. Can't wait to hear it with live instruments! This is the only good cover of Still Alive I've ever heard, and boy does it make up for all the crappy ones.
  5. Not bad. My first thought when I saw "Crash Bandicoot" was 'Oh, crap. I hope this doesn't disappoint.' Well, it didn't. x3 It's good to see a decent Crash remix in the works. Can't wait to hear the next version.
  6. *hands a cookie* Touché. I'll have to mess with the EQing a bit. There's a nice sub bass there, but my woofer might be up and I'm hearing it louder than it should be, I dunno. I did note that the mid-highs are kinda earbleeding in headphones, but the bass felt about right to me, even comparing to Skrillex and Gambit MP3s. I think maybe it just comes across as less powerful because of the fast melody I put the bass through a lot of the time instead of slow, powerful notes. I know for sure though that I need to bring the kick and snare out more though; they just don't seem to have the right punch as they are now. The slow bit you mentioned is a cover of the weird tune that plays on the radio in the Ruins of Alph. There is no other melody, and while I did throw in some tweaks, I wanted the Unown tune to be easily recognizable. Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx7PkZkO-Qk As for the ending, I said before that I was gonna tweak it, but after listening to it repeatedly over the last 8 hours on my phone, I feel like it's not gonna get any better than it is right now. I'm really proud of it. >w< Now if you'll excuse me, I have some tweaking and/or sleeping to do. x_x
  7. Finally figured out many of the tricks to producing nice, filthy dubstep, so I decided to move forward with a concept for a dubstep medley of various dark themes from the Pokémon RPGs. Here's what I've got so far. I got kinda lazy at the end, so I'll probably go back and do a few more manips, but for the most part, I'm pretty satisfied with it. :3 EDIT: Final FINAL final mix! I thought it was perfect last time around, but it turns out I'd forgotten to stereo-enhance the wobble basses. ^^; Fixed that! Sources: Pokémon R/G/B/Y - Team Rocket Hideout, Silph Co. Pokémon G/S/C - Team Rocket Hideout, Unown Radio Tune Pokémon R/S/E - UPDATED LINK!!!!!!!!! Download from SoundCloud First person to name the Pokémon whose voice is featured in the song gets a cookie. :3
  8. Uematsu-san has been a tremendous inspiration to me since the first time I fired up Final Fantasy VII. In fact, I don't think I would ever have survived my piano lessons if I hadn't been learning "The Nightmare's Beginning", "Crazy Motorcycle", and "Heart of Anxiety"!
  9. Hmm... I would never have thought to check the automations. I'll have to take a look through my corrupt files again at some point...
  10. Holy flaming monkey poo, it's actually OUT?! And I missed it by a WHOLE DAY because the mass email ended up in my SPAM folder?! Thank Arceus I actually look through my spam before deleting it... YAAAAAAAAAY!
  11. On the 26th of February, I was short two tracks for my album and practically ripping my hair out over failing my first RPM Challenge. On February 27, a massive explosion of win altered the course of destiny in my favor. I now give to you... Winsauce. (Click for larger pic) (Click for larger pic) Check out my RPM demo player for the full album. Please note that the MP3s in the demo player are not the final mixes. I tweaked some of them before putting them on the CD. As of right now, I am not selling the CD because, frankly, I don't know what the [insert word of choice] I'm doing when it comes to publishing. If anyone can recommend a good indie electronica publisher, please do... Comments? Criticism (respectful, please)? Fire away.
  12. You are a lifesaver. I had no idea it had selection rendering. Thanks, Nutritious!
  13. Argh. I signed up on the Image-Line website, but I can't find my serial number anywhere, and it won't let me post on the forum unless I have a 'customer' account. Thanks for the support, Image-Line...
  14. I've been searching for a while and can't seem to find anything on the subject, so here goes... FLStudio 9: Producer Edition (64 bit), Windows 7 Problematic files: This one and this one. For some reason, I tried opening up these two songs today to mix them better, then render. When I went to render each of them, it was reading off tens of thousands of measures and a song length of a few hundred hours. Click render -- not enough disk space, even though I have 8 GB free. So I scroll past the end of the song for ages and ages, and there doesn't seem to be a stray pattern anywhere. I play the song and it never loops or ends, just keeps playing silence... Does anybody know what's going on here and how to fix it? I reeeeeally don't want to have to remake these songs from scratch...
  15. Hehe. Prepare and Ectoplasm were done on a PSP (I kid you not) three years ago. Alien Cheer was one of the first songs I ever did, about 5 years ago, and all the samples I used were originally corrupted to the point of just being white noise rhythms. Lots of Audacity tweaking just to make it sound that much less terrible. And I didn't know **** about mixing at the time. ^^ There's a reason I separated the older stuff.
  16. It has to be bagpipes. If you could hear inside my head, you'd understand... As for the 'distance', yeah, it's really muddy and reverb-y, but I'll fix that. I was just trying to get something going before I worked out the production kinks. And the single-ear thing... I might pan it over to like 75/25 or 66/33, but I don't want it dead-center. It's a metal convention, y'know?
  17. I know it's not much so far. Again, I'm in need of a good MIDI bagpipe, and I stopped it (guess what) right where the bagpipes are supposed to come in. :/ I'll be putting a lot more work into this before I call it anywhere close to complete, of course.
  18. Hey, there's a lot of great music in the series. If I had the time, I'd probably have several Pokémon covers and remixes too. ^^ I know you're using FLStudio, so I have to ask: How the #$&*$%&@#*&$%*$# did you get the orchestra to sound so REAL?! Sytrus' orchestral presets are close, but you can still tell they're synthesized...
  19. I thought that was pretty funny too when I noticed. Nice timing. That download link is broken. You didn't include the http:// part. I fixed it in the quote here. Interesting tune. I'm not too familiar with the Metroid soundtracks, (I just looked because of that little coincidence with your timing ) but that doesn't mean it doesn't sound cool. ^^ I personally think the choir doesn't sound right for the rest of the song, nor the hypersaw, but otherwise it sounds pretty neat.
  20. Listen/Download: http://soundcloud.com/synthony/synthony-wrath-of-the-ancients An early demo of my in-progress rock medley of "Battle! Regice, Registeel, Regirock" and "Battle! Deoxys" from the Advance generation of Pokémon RPGs. Source tunes: and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR84yEViSL4 So far it only contains arrangements from the Regi' theme. Soon to come: Deoxys' theme and (drumroll, please) ... BAGPIPES. .'D It saddens me that there are so few Pokémon ReMixes on OCR (not to mention the MissingNo. Tracks being delayed over a year) so I'm hoping this one I'm working on is up to snuff when it's all said and done. I know it's really muddy at the moment; I just wanted to get something out there before I lose another 7 days of free time to my new job... I actually heard this in my head the first time over a year ago and just haven't had the resources to make it real. Now I'm just left with one little dilemma: The bagpipes. I have downloaded a demo of Studio Piper, a high-end VST bagpipe synth that sounds just like the real thing, but it only gives me 10 trial runs before I have to buy it, and frankly, I don't have much cash to shell out. Does anybody know of a good VST bagpipe synth that's free? Ok, I'm done ranting.
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