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  1. So like... Studying music means I have less time for music? (!!!)

  2. Hey man! Good to see you again. I really missed seeing you about. <3

  3. Never worry about that sort of thing man! The important thing is working hard to eventually attain the dream! (like you know... me possibly passing the panel eventually :P)

    You'll work your way into the big leagues soon enough. ;)

  4. Hahahaha. Thanks a bunch! Glad to see you enjoy the music! :3

  5. ohlolgottadeletealldemmailslel

    /Social Butterfly Hahaha

    But yeah man. Good luck. :)

  6. Also, dude can you resend the MIDI?

    Or just the current MP3 or something

  7. Hey, yeah, I haven't had a lot of time. I'll try pump something out for you this week.

    Sorry about the wait dude.

  8. You too buddy! :) I love your track as well.

  9. Probably not. I can help you out come the 119th . I'm currently in New Zealand on holiday.

  10. Thanks so much dude. Glad to hear that. <3

  11. Okay awesome. For some reason I couldn't find your PM button yesterday.

    I must have been like... tripping or something. Haha

    Sending your way now buddy. ;)

    EDIT: Still can't find it... is it there for you? I honestly have no idea what's happening right now.

  12. Hey dude.

    I have a WIP for that Yugioh track here if you want.

    You okay if I just post it here?

  13. Oh cool.

    Can you resend me the MIDI? :P

    I deleted it cause I thought you were changing everything. Haha

    Also, it's holidays now, so I should be able to do this next week or so.

  14. Oh hey man! Yeah. I've been doing some tidying of that recently. I'll definitely WAV it down for you later today hopefully.

  15. Actually. If you could that would make my life SOOOO much better. Cause it's cuter like me. :3

    Or whatever. Looking forward to mixing bruddah!

  16. Thanks buddy... but are you sure that's not Farris on the banner? I might just be blind today... but it totally looks like her.

  17. I'm cool with that mang. Just let me know when you need me to do the gee-tarz.

  18. Thanks buddy.

    I still need to finish Sturm off don't I?

    I'll get onto that when I have a second spare.

    I sorta live in the moment nowadays... anything that takes more than 10 minutes gets put to the side sorry. :/

  19. Dude. Totally go for it mang.

  20. Totally buddy. <3

    It would be a visual spectacle. Hahaha

  21. I'm kinda glad I'm redoing it. I'll use better guitar tone and totally nail that solowwwwwww. <3

  22. Oh cool. I'll get you the stuff when I can. :)

    Sorry about this man.

  23. Hey man. I've looked EVERYWHERE. And I've tried a million things, but unfortunately, I'll have to record again.

    Not sure when I'm gonna have the time. When's the deadline and I'll see if I can squeeze myself into that time period. :/