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  1. It looks like we (Stargate) are playing Friday night. Not sure what time yet. It's an all new trio (plus some guests on some songs!), all never-before-heard arrangements in a variety of styles. Maybe even something from 3rd strike  ;););)  Labs is the only thing we've planned on doing thus far so this might be a once in a lifetime thing. If you can make it, please do! I love you either way tho...


    :EDIT: 10PM Friday

  2. 12 hours ago, Neblix said:

    I'm serious dood, this game is that good to me.

    That's... the highest praise a video game could receive honestly. I keep hearing good things about it but now I'm even more hype. HYPER if you will 

  3. 3 hours ago, Neblix said:

    Add Yang to this game, and I will never play Third Strike (currently what I consider the best fighting game) ever again.



    Still, I can't wait to get in depth with SFV once I own Windows or PS4. I got to play Rashid for a brief couple of minutes in beta, but not for enough time to really know what I was doing.


    The lack of modes in a competitive fighting game isn't an issue if the engine itself plays well. As long there's a versus mode and training mode, we gravy.

  4. On February 6, 2016 at 8:52 PM, Garpocalypse said:

    Sorry guys, even though I always look forward to MAG every year (and have several months of post MAG nocturnal illusions) it's looking like I won't be able to swing the trip this year,  which sucks because there have been some awesome guests being announced lately.  Still, hope the OCR panel goes well and everyone has a great time!  

    You'll be missed Gar. I'll be in touch after

  5. I'd love to arrange some of the songs because the soundtrack is pure distilled awesome, but my skills are not up to par yet.


    Anything you'd love to do is worth trying, cause you'll learn something every time. I'm sure you already know peeps here would be happy to give you feedback on how to improve your productions. From my crappy speakers I can at least hear that you have that foundation of musicality, which is way more than half the battle in my opinion. Keep the determination.




    Why IS there snow down there? I was literally thinking about that yesterday.


    But yeah, what a nice tone

  6. Fans like me are basically walking UNDERTALE commercials, I imagine it might be near sickening to those not in the know lol. But the recognition sure is well deserved. Game of the month in Game Informer too!


    To think for the price of a dimebag or bottle of beer, you can take a trip like this. Even got the game for a few people. I imagine it's gonna have a pretty damn good holiday season.

  7. O God,


    when Flowey showed up I was really mad like "youuuu BASTARD" and then when the game crashed when it did I was all "WTF HAPPENED?!?!" Such a creative design element. All the boss fights are pretty creative but that was definitely one of the heights of "holy shit"-factor in the game.


    And honestly, lmao I felt legitimately scared of Flowey after that. I even almost killed him at the end when he started talking shit.



    Sorry about Toriel ;_; Better luck next time

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