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  1. I remember playing that game for hours... BEWARE: THE GAME IS ADDICTING!! AND YOU JUST LOST!: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_%28mind_game%29
  2. I really like the piano, and though the rest of the song sounds kazooie (for lack of a better word)... you know, did I mention I really like that piano?
  3. Just finished listening to this album last night. Gotta say, I think Josh Morse has Megaman's number.
  4. Pretty rad song on its own, k. I went back an listened to the original for kicks. What the crap! You transformed that baby! Keep it up!
  5. The game cover is absolutely silly - quite a stark contrast to how awesome that song of yours is.
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, though not esp new to OC. Most music I listen to comes from here because, as we all know, game music is awesome. And aside from that, it's hard to find good music out there that isn't for games or movies or tv shows, unless it's OrChestral. I like music with an ethereal sound, hence the username. Although I plan on making some music of my own, particularly some remixes (including one of sonic), life is busy. Glad to be in the crowd, though.
  7. track 1: Caribbean feel. Very smooth. Great opener, esp at as late at night as I'm listening to it. track 2: I'm catching a breeze of Morse's Morse Code here, but with a happier, night time metro feel. track 3: You certainly picked the right name for this one. It's like dancing, zapping power cables, but then things go smooth for periods of time. track 4: Sound of mystery and intrigue, but maintaining the theme sound of the first four mixes. track 5: A very different sound to digital from an orchestra that isn't quite digital but is all-the-way. track 6: A never thought before about digi going asian. I won't forget this. track 7: Dun da dun dun dun, cha cha! Back to the Caribbean. track 8: Same beat, new lead. Makes for a continuation while remaining unique. track 9: This one really surprised me. Very soothing. overall: Excellent job dude. For future upbeat songs, try out a new drum pattern for uniqueness.
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