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  1. This would be top-tier even without the live guitar, but with it... holy cow! A great debut, and I second DJP's call for some C64 ReMixes!
  2. Awesome mix from the criminally underrepresented world of late 80s/early 90s DOS games! (Ultima VII? Anyone? Bueller?) I love me some live elements in a ReMix, and this one has the benefit that the live part is played superbly well.
  3. I'm with halc on this one: it's not that I hate dubstep, it's that I hate it when someone half-times the drum track and LFOs the bass and then waits for money to roll in. This ReMix does far, far more than that and it's genuinely awesome on it's own merits. Another outstanding job by another OCR newcomer. BTW, I think this sort of style would work really well with a lot of iconic all-FM sources given the inherent grittiness of the YM2612 (and the AdLib/Sound Blaster's YM3812). I can just about hear the outlines of a similar treatment of Yuzo Koshiro's "The Street of Rage" in my head, and it's glorious.
  4. A great arrangement of a sadly under-remixed source. (Like DJP, SCV4 is easily one of my top 10 VG soundtracks of all time). I do agree that the melody could stand to be a bit more prominent in the mix, but other than that this is an amazing track from a first-time ReMixer. Definitely going right on my iPod.
  5. Great mix. The only thing I don't completely love is the chiptune drum sounds (just the sounds, the patterns are fine). A live acoustic drum track would turn this from "great" to "amazing" for me, I think.
  6. This one can be (and has been) endlessly nitpicked on technical details, but for me it hits all the right emotional buttons as-is. And that's what music is all about at the end of the day.
  7. One of my favorite Yuzo Koshiro sources of all time, done in a great downtempo style. But, dude, where's my bassline? The source has a delightfully filthy FM bassline, while this remix has pretty much no low end at all (kick aside) until around 3:15 or so. Nitpicks out of the way, I do enjoy the mix and it's definitely going on my iPod. There's a cinematic Parasite Eve-ish flavor to it (the percussion usage in particular feels very much like e.g. "Out Of Phase") that I really enjoy.
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