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  1. Oh, those are all really cool tracks. Reminds me of Zombies Ate My Neighbors a bit. I think we're good for now but I will keep you in mind down the road. If anything, there might be a track or two we could use you for. Thanks!
  2. Ronald Poe: It's a bit different than what I'm looking for, but if we come to a point where we need a track in your style, I'll let you know. Thanks for the samples.
  3. While we're going for a more modern style to fit the visuals, there might be a need for a couple midi tracks. Do you have some examples I could check out? Can you provide a link to your work? I'm willing to check it out.
  4. Well I'm willing to work with people other than just guitarists, though that's who we need the most right now.
  5. Hey guys, I've been working on a game for the last 2 years and we're in need of at least one more composer. Before I lose your interest, you can check out a video of the game in action at the link below: If I had to quickly sum things up, I'd say it's like... -a virtual world come to life, with a character driven story -entirely hand drawn 2D animation -gameplay that evokes platformers like Mega Man Zero and Kirby Superstar... -but also fighting games like SF: Third Strike, Marvel 3, and Guilty Gear. -with a heavy emphasis on a team of playable char
  6. Hmm, I really liked Banjo Kazooie. Rare has (had?) such a unique style to cartoonish graphics and I'd like to think I could do them justice. Let me know when you think you might need something and I'll see what I can do. Also thanks BrothaDom
  7. I should have some more free time to draw in January so I am bumping this thread in case anyone is in need of some art. Since I made this thread, I've had a number of people talk to me about projects and a few that I have done art for. I should specify that I'm really only offering free artwork for album projects or other things related to OCR. If you have something personal in mind, I still offer commissioned drawings at a fair price. Please check out my deviantart page linked in my signature and let me know if you're interested or if you have any upcoming projects you would like me on. If
  8. Just let me know when you need something and I can tell you if I'm available at the time.
  9. Yes, in fact I posted in that thread offering up some art but they decided to go with dish's art before I got the chance. Jose said they weren't looking for any more art. It's too bad because I'm a big Street Fighter fan and I loved that OST as well. By the way, here's that Metroid art I mentioned I was working on: http://hybridmink.deviantart.com/art/Phazon-Suit-Acquired-244842095
  10. It depends on what you're looking for. If you have something in mind, send me a pm. I generally go by this: http://hybridmink.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3ffnjy. However, if there's a project that I can really get behind and am inspired to draw something for it, I'll just do it free of charge. As for you Guifrog, I'm not really good with animals (or amphibians) and I'd have to ask for a commission fee. (see link above)
  11. that...sounds awesome. I'll put it on the list of things to do but somehow I don't think you actually need this for anything. (also drawing dinosaurs is hard)
  12. First of all, let me apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I'm planning on drawing some Metroid artwork soon (Phazon suit from Prime) and after looking around, I notice there are at least a couple Metroid projects currently underway. This got me thinking that I could offer up some artwork to anyone that might need some. Of course this isn't just limited to Metroid. I do fanart from time to time so I wouldn't mind providing some art to other projects too. So instead of posting in every recruit thread to see if they need some art, I figured I would just make this thread. If you are
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