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  1. Voting has been difficult, but that's not surprising. There's so much talent here. ~_~ Also, GG, Sir_NutS! Sorry I couldn't deliver, guys... Maybe next time. Still, thanks for listening to my remix--that alone means plenty to me.
  2. Finally, sent It's not nearly as fleshed out as I'd like it to be, sorry guys I hope you still enjoy it
  3. I'm still here! If I end up liking what I'm working on right now, I'll submit it.
  4. I won't accept this from you, especially since you beat me last year. Just make something, man!
  5. You know, now I feel bad for not playing X6-X8. I'm seeing a lot of picks from those games... I've probably been missing out on those themes!
  6. Yes I am, and I still like those, kinda...! lol There's a lot of varied talent in this community, so I'm sure this compo will be plenty of fun. Tons of ear-candy for sure!
  7. Hey, thanks!

    I plan on working on more things too, after the compo, so I'm looking forward to that as well. :D

  8. AWESOME! */end caps*

    Great to see you back and in the competition, my friend! :D

    Looking forward to what you come up with, and best of luck to you. :)

  9. My F5 key was getting worn out! Armored Armadillo - X1 Boomer Kuwanger - X1 Spark Mandrill - X1 Overdrive Ostrich - X2 Izzy Glow/Shining Hotarunicus - X5
  10. Hey!


    * Does Force wave* Sign up for this, man. :P

    There's one slot left until it reaches 16 people!

  11. I dig it!! I agree with both suggestions here; vibrato and a bit of delay could definitely make that lead sound more interesting. Also, nice bass! Is it a plugin, or what? Love how it sounds.
  12. That sounds exciting! I'll keep my eyes peeled, definitely don't want to miss that one.

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