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  1. Voting has been difficult, but that's not surprising. There's so much talent here. ~_~ Also, GG, Sir_NutS! Sorry I couldn't deliver, guys... Maybe next time. Still, thanks for listening to my remix--that alone means plenty to me.
  2. Finally, sent It's not nearly as fleshed out as I'd like it to be, sorry guys I hope you still enjoy it
  3. I'm still here! If I end up liking what I'm working on right now, I'll submit it.
  4. I won't accept this from you, especially since you beat me last year. Just make something, man!
  5. You know, now I feel bad for not playing X6-X8. I'm seeing a lot of picks from those games... I've probably been missing out on those themes!
  6. Yes I am, and I still like those, kinda...! lol There's a lot of varied talent in this community, so I'm sure this compo will be plenty of fun. Tons of ear-candy for sure!
  7. Hey, thanks!

    I plan on working on more things too, after the compo, so I'm looking forward to that as well. :D

  8. My F5 key was getting worn out! Armored Armadillo - X1 Boomer Kuwanger - X1 Spark Mandrill - X1 Overdrive Ostrich - X2 Izzy Glow/Shining Hotarunicus - X5
  9. I dig it!! I agree with both suggestions here; vibrato and a bit of delay could definitely make that lead sound more interesting. Also, nice bass! Is it a plugin, or what? Love how it sounds.
  10. That sounds exciting! I'll keep my eyes peeled, definitely don't want to miss that one.

  11. I definitely plan to, and any other compo I can get my hands on. :)

  12. Right now, watching EVO 2k12! Awesome stuff. :)

  13. I've been having mixed feelings about that kick as well... Happy to see it's not just me. Oh, and thank you!
  14. Been trying to work on chiptune and I'm digging this idea so far. Does it sound like something that would be in an NES game, or am I nowhere near? What could I do to improve on it? Any and all feedback is appreciated! Oh, and yes, I like Mega Man. http://soundcloud.com/pixelwave/bth
  15. Thanks, guys. Your words mean a lot to me. I'm not familiar with the submission process, so I'm gonna have to read up on that. Even then, I think I'll be starting on something new soon, although I don't know if it'll be a remix or something original... We'll see. x:
  16. Oh well, that's it for me. I'll just try harder next time. Hope you guys liked my music so far... I'm liking this community, so I think I'll be sticking around. Thanks for the opportunity and for checking out my stuff. It's been a lot of fun. EDIT: Also, good job Neblix!
  17. Blind voting in a music compo? You don't need eyes to figure out who made which song. d:
  18. I have some stuff laying around, but nothing I really like. I made "pixelwave" to start anew, and just take my musical side a bit more seriously... So if you're interested, follow my SoundCloud, tumblr or twitter! New stuff gets posted there. I do plan, though, to stick around this site. I've always been a fan but never remixed anything for it. That's gonna change now... So expect more remixes beside my original stuff.
  19. Huzzah! Remix done and submitted. Finally came up with something decent! I hope you guys like it. Good luck, neblix. I'm sure you're gonna be rocking some socks off with yours.
  20. True... Except this time I really don't like it, lol. I better decide on something quickkk.
  21. I'm reconsidering submitting... Not liking my track at the moment. At all. Boo.
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