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  1. They've taken out tripping, it'll be fine competitive I'm sure.
  2. Perhaps the whistle is part of a redesign for 3. Also I don't recall him using Rock or Pink Pikmin in Brawl neither.
  3. Hmm seems I missed a memo on forging badges need to learn I guess.
  4. So how does this year's Steam mechanic work? Like for badges and stuff, it's all about trading cards...and god forbid I think it's just about giving them more money for a better badge. Previous events normally just required like one purchase of any value and maybe a gift to tick boxes.
  5. Errr I presume you mean Darkside Chronicles...and no it didn't come with that. It was on an old demo disk that you used to get out of gaming magazines and it definitely had a timer. Made everything so much more tense.
  6. Eh wha? I was always of the impression most of Nintendo's first party games are really high quality and high production value, where do you feel the games are failing?
  7. Hahaha good good, it'll show all those folks who complained he was too gimmicky treating Smash Bro's like the most serious thing ever.
  8. That game was so fun...had that demo too. Also Resi 2 had a timed demo, my friend wants to go back and speedrun it to see just how much of it they included.
  9. PS1 had timed demos and I swear Xbox 360 and original must have had them too.
  10. Or it's secretly 5000 fake accounts set up by microsoft so they can justify going ahead with it anyway.
  11. Man you are one of only 10 backers XP As much as I hate to see folks fail it kinda makes sense why she would compared to gaming kickstarters. Most of them can be digitally distributed when finished and so can appeal worldwide. I also feel it lacks something of a vision, she's just gathering funds to improve an already existing (in some form) business whereas most notable kickstarters' I've seen are there to fund something that would never exist through the usual channels. There is little to no reason for anyone who doesn't visit her area or is an existing customer to invest in her. Though it's a shame the things look quite tasty.
  12. I suppose, I'd hoped that it wouldn't be another case of 'jumpin on the HD bandwagon' and it would be drastically improved but I guess not. Least the Americans get some extra benefits from it but it's looking like a pass for me, though the fancy cover looks nice.
  13. Ugh all that video has made me think is how well FFX has aged and how needless a remake was. The SD version is slightly paler and at the same time more colourful and the characters still look good when they want to look good in SD and still look pointy where they would be pointy in HD. I'd like to see the battle models, those were the only ones that really looked ugly in game so I'm wondering how much they could have improved on them.
  14. Howdy I'm at a point in my life where I've reached a somewhat steady income and I may be willing to invest in something monthly like an MMO. I've been toying with a F2P account on SW:TOR for a while since I was a big fan of the ol'KOTOR games and I kinda wanted to see more of them and perhaps eventually support them. Still I'm wondering are the benefits of a subscription worth it in Old Republic? Or even if the game is worth it in the long run since I haven't progressed very far. Opinions welcomed Thanks folks
  15. XP My friend bloody traded in Xenoblade chronicles *sigh* Now I find it's a collectors item going for at least £50.... Guess I'll just need to miss this one.
  16. True some studio's don't bother making them but I bet you could probably download most demos (especially if they are making a digital copy of each game). In fact I think PS4 is offering a demo of everything or something like that (blatant guesswork). So really anyone with a console could just download a demo to play. It's a really weird and inferior way to do demos. I'd say it's exactly as bad and underwhelming as people are making it out to be.
  17. Nothing really, it's how they tried to market it that's deceptive. Made it sound like 10 members of your family could just play this game no time limitations in full on your account on any console. That's a pretty cool sounding feature but then it turns out it's literally just a demo.
  18. Don't worry I've got a good imagination.... .... .... Hahahah brilliant!
  19. Man that guy disgusts me. Sure it's big work and it's clearly important to him but to think he couldn't see how bad it is. Phrases like "when you buy a used game you're hurting developers" and "The best loved games are blockbusters" it doesn't come across so much as from the heart as PR. I wouldn't even say the best loved games are blockbusters, at least not universally. Basically it sounds like he's trying to vilify people for buying used games as if they were outright pirating them. He even approved of Don Mattrick saying "Get a 360" if you can't deal with the 180. Also the family sharing plan now sounds awful and the reps at E3 musta been evasive because if the details of it had gotten out like this, there'd be massively less interest in it. Hell even now that they've ripped it down it took this nameless rank-an-file employee to pour his heart out to reveal it. While other sources complain and try an make the consumer feel bad that they had to pull their horrid policies by saying "Well guess you don't get any of our AWESOME FAMILY SHARING". I mean they were going to implement limitations in the end! Essentially they were limiting a timed demo (which will probably be accessible anyway). It's madness that they'd think this is a noteworthy feature.
  20. Yeah Ike's different enough from Marth to not be a clone, Captain Falcon is the only F-zero representative, Pokemon trainer is....arguably one of the most Iconic characters in Pokemon has a unique mechanic.
  21. Yeah after all I can't count how many times I've blindly agreed to a legal agreement in order to rush an update on my PS3 or install any PC game ever. Though the problem is it'll be a case of 'update' or 'you cannot use your product at all' most likely if they do try that.
  22. *nudges* psst....that'd be if they went all the way around back to the awful policies. Actually considering their credibility now I wouldn't be surprised if they still tried to enforce these policies in an update post-launch or some other dirty move like that.
  23. Don Mattrick...the guy who said "If you want backwards compatibility, you're really backwards" and said things like only people on nuclear submarines would care about the always online requirement said all that good stuff? He really needs fired, policy redemption or not he's going to go down as an infamous PR man.
  24. Awww snap everyone droppin them Xbox 180's so quick.
  25. Love the random anime and American Football one.
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