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  1. Hi, I originally posted this topic in requests but was informed it may have better visibility here. I'd love to see a complete Goldeneye 007 album with all levels remixed. Ideally a different remixer for each track but certainly open to multiple offerings. To get things rolling I'm happy to offer prizes to the best tracks - if the album is complete, then Best track $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20. There are 20 levels (19 with music, plus a couple of elevators, intro, pause and ending). If anyone's able to assist in contributing or organizing please don't hesitate to reply! This game has an amazing soundtrack and has a lot to work with!
  2. Thanks evktalo, in the past there were many OCR albums created here.. what's the best way of hosting the competition? The forums here look pretty dead, is Discord a better option or something else?
  3. I remember when you were RD.. so long ago. Good old Unmod
  4. Hi, It's been over 12 years since I posted here, I was hugely active a lifetime ago and came to this site every day for years. Recently I found on youtube Goldeneye 007 lore videos posted by a fellow called rwhitegoose. I went back to playing the game and also listening to the OST and really loved it. I came back to OCR and saw there are very few mixes for this game. I'd like to provoke interest in this amazing soundtrack by offering incentives. What I want to see is a Goldeneye 007 OCR album. There are 20 levels (jungle has no music) plus intro, select screen, ending, pause, elevator a/b. If there are enough mixers to create a full album and it is complete, I'm happy to offer incentives - (best track $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20). If this is acceptable to mods/djp then let's do it!
  5. lol, I was going through my HD archives and just listened to 'VG Frequency #40 (Aftershow-Preshow)' - wanted to kibitz, I thought it was pure class.
  6. Dr. Wily


    The early years: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrFgIIAdtSE&feature=player_embedded Have to say I loved Ice Hockey, played it to death
  7. Way better than I was expecting! The acting was quite good considering the low budget, the script probably needed a bit more work and the film was in dire need of better editing but the story did hold together over 90 mins which was impressive. Loved the Wily music toward the end
  8. I was very saddened to hear the tragic news, Reuben's music was truly beautiful and he will be dearly missed.
  9. But probably better than we sounded singing it on the bus! EDIT: Yeah, I sent that recording, I didn't have the rap recorded but it will probably turn up on olremix.
  10. Darangen's been a pretty consistent contributer to OCR lately and Metastatic Bloodline (nice title) is my favourite of his recent works. I like the rock/synth style of this track with the doubling guitars, as meccaneer pointed out, reminiscent of the Black Mages style. The light intro works well to contrast the kick-in at 0:17 and I was really impressed with the excellent lead guitar work. I love the music from Lufia games and this mix improves an already great original, rocking.
  11. Zircon doing a cover from The Wiggles? Hahaha!
  12. Swing your arms, from side to side, Come on it's time to go do the Mario, Take one step, and a then let's do the Mario altogether now! (It's all from memory but yes... would be great!)
  13. Were any of the shows recorded and available for download?
  14. Haha, Tommy Tallarico is awesome, that was a very entertaining interview, the rest was good too, great job Z+P!
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