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    The music of video games has enthralled me for as long as I've been playing them, dating back to my earliest days of games like Lemmings and Jewelbox and Loom (those simple sounds make Swan Lake so much lovelier). On occasion I've tried my hand at my own compositions but I don't think composing is quite my forte. However, I love performing songs from games, and as a former violinist and current soprano singer with the UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestra, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to do so for the past several years. =)
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    Diana T.

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  1. I don't know Swedish (I think I can emulate the pronunciation fairly well, but I wouldn't want to offend anyone), but I am a vocalist who would be very interested in contributing to any track in this project. Also, I at one point started working on an English adaptation of Song of Mana, which I'd be willing to try finishing if anyone would be interested in such a thing.
  2. Don't have any remixing skills but I support this project 110%
  3. In it to win it! =) Or rather, even if I didn't take such an opportunity myself, I know at least a couple people who would just die if they could meet Uematsu-sensei.
  4. @Tuberz: Sweet, just let me know. I'm in the middle of drumming up funds for nicer recording equipment, but I should have it by the time anything gets seriously underway. As for the game, I know it's not exactly the same, but are there any Let's Plays available for it? I did that for a couple points of Legend of Mana that I wanted to reference without playing all the way through the game again (even from my old midway save files), which they were very handy for. Just seeing the game in action + my recollections did the trick. Unless you really just want to play it again. =P
  5. I haven't played much of the BoF series (I'm lame like that), but I always love the feel of old Alph Lyla works, and the second game has a lovely soundtrack as well. I'm useless at mixing, but if anyone foresees the need of female vocals for their track, I'd love to throw my hat in.
  6. Did you play in a Javanese or Balinese gamelan? Or moreover, what are you looking for? I could probably record some gong samples from our set, but I won't have solid access to it until probably September. =/
  7. You should know that there are a number of remixes for Final Fantasy Adventure, which Sword is a remake of, soundtrack and all, so have a look over there!
  8. Howdy all! Name's Diana. I've been listening to OCR mixes for... gosh probably 6-7 years, but never got around to creating an account. I think the first one I heard was Neostorm's 'House Leaves' mix, which I still absolutely love, though I've never played the game. I've tried my hand at composing before, mostly fooling around with midis in Anvil Studio, nothing fancy, but it's not quite my strength, sad to say! However, I adore video game music, and even moreso than listening I enjoy performing it. I've been part of the Gamer Symphony Orchestra for the past 5 years (I'm one of the very few
  9. This is wonderful! It's a great way to retool the puzzle solving theme, which really does grind itself into your head if you're playing too long. I would love to hear versions of the puzzle themes from the other games as well.
  10. Hm, I think I'd liked to have heard a little more of the melody from the high point near the end of the song, but this is lovely stuff! Very chill.
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