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  1. Little Mac from Punch Out!! He must be in the game. 'Nuff said.
  2. I thought it was pretty good, but could have been a lot better had I been able to hear the "main" instruments a bit more. There are elements in the song that are comparable to movie soundtracks. Pretty good stuff. About an 8/10 Good job. I look forward to more submitions by LindsayAnne! - CubeNES Questions? : cubenes7@hotmail.com AIM: lijlijlijlijlijl
  3. EXCELLENT!! About a 9/10 Good stuff. Orchestrated remixes are my favorites. - CubeNES
  4. I agree boys. This song is great. I am looking forward to more contributions from "game over". These guys are talented. Hey "game over", if you are reading this, I want more remixes of classic NES games like Punch-OUT!!! Keep up the good work guys. How about Contra next hehe? I loved the knockdown theme they added in the song. Great touch.
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