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  1. Message to Sephire (Who's work I'm very fond of!). Please please please may I have your permission to use this piece in an animation I am working on and submit the finished work -including music- to my DeviantArt.com gallery? It would be fantastic if you would allow me to use it since it fits the mood EXACTLY. I love this piece, I've listened to it over and over! It's a great tune to just reminise. I liked the original too so this would naturally be really nice! Thanks for reading!
  2. Final Fantasy VII has to be my favourite game of all time and this really does it justice!! Beautiful use of orchestra and it's just like how the music should be if the game were ever released on PS2 or even made as a movie -Advent Children?-. I could really picture the scenes when listening to this, like a hollywood movie or something. It has to be one of the best, if not THE best Final Fantasy remix on this site. I love the way it goes into the action music, REALLY cinematic and just..... AWESOME. All my 100 points are belong to this brilliant piece!! I can't describe how it makes me feel listening to this other than happy, and a certain sence of nostalgia (I was only 12 when FF7 hit the shelves and my much prided playstation). I've praised enough. Whether you like classical music or not, Final Fantasy 7 fans really MUST download this. It won't fail to impress.
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