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  1. 3D world is crazy fun. I spend hours playing it with my brother whenever he visits. anyway I'm not sure how you can consider Nintendo to not be getting it's act together considering how many well received games they've been putting out recently. If they had to step it up more they would have to get into politics or something.
  2. Didn't even make a new song for flat zone X 0 stars more like super smash blunders Anyways, How are you all finding the 8 Player mode? I haven't gotten any friends together to try it yet, but I've been having a lot of trouble just keeping track of myself in CPU battles.
  3. Picking mine up after school, but I'll likely wait until my brother gets back so we can do everything in co-op. Apparently there's some c-stick issues though: http://youtu.be/bSp885AxZss
  4. Not sure if this should be in the Wii U thread or not http://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-ips-can-officially-be-used-for-fan-projects-endorsement-scheme-announced-for-japan/ Apparently this includes "Let's Plays, music covers, fanarts." Not sure how far this stretches beyond that, but it's still sounds like a pretty deal. Edit: Literly seconds after I Posted this, the article was updated. It's for a really specific thing, and not widespread at all. Completely wrong, please ignore face
  5. Game comes out tomorrow. I'm getting bad vibes from this for some strange reason.
  6. so you mean jon left because of zoe? this changes everything
  7. Nabbed that earlier today. Feels weird to be downloading a patch before getting the actual game. Good to see that they're trying to make the launch smoother though.
  8. I'm not exactly savvy with 4chan's history or anything, but hasn't directly attacking and provoking them always been an absolutely horrible idea? Anyways, GG has gotten so confusing and convoluted that I think the best course of action now is just to sit it out and do a post analysis when the whole thing blows over. At least that way it'll be over and people won't have to look out for hate mobs whenever the talk about it. Actually men aren't real can confirm I am nothing
  9. I didn't exactly stop talking to him altogether, I just ended the conversation there haha He lost some serious respect points though I've had that happen a couple times too. Now I usually only show stuff to people If I know its their style. Plebs just cant understand.
  10. I remember mentioning OCR to a online friend during a discussion about video game music and then he told me he thought it was lame and I sort of stopped talking to him I've showed some remixes to a few friends though.
  11. Those are just the stats for the box offices (tickets) though. If you cut down the video game stats to just games bought, movies pull ahead. I mean, according to this anyways: http://gamesoundcon.tumblr.com/post/88397683187/video-games-bigger-than-the-movies-dont-be-so Games are definitely on the rise though.
  12. #pretzelgate Speaking of TB, he did a blog on the whole thing that I found insightful: http://blueplz.blogspot.ca/2014/08/this-game-supports-more-than-two-players.html
  13. I've heard that its an in-joke about how you can take all of the characters armor off in xenoblade and have them do stuff in just shorts. ...or something Anyways I get the feeling that no-shirt Shulk is going to become the new troll character along the lines of pink falcon.
  14. So, leak super-mega-ultra confirmed then? I'll admit, I never really knew about Xenoblade before all of this, but he does look like a pretty neat character to play as.
  15. tanooki scrubs plz gtfo pgpeach mlg pure carters only Anyways, those 6 characters look sweet, but what I'm really excited for is the 16 extra tracks. I don't know how many tracks there were to start with in 8, but that's about a quarter of all the tracks in the wii version. Just another thing to look forward to when I actually get the game I guess
  16. That old leak now apperently has some live game footage proof. Hope ya'll like Bowser Jr. Edit: Also, couple more samples on the music page.
  17. Is it really convenient though? I've never tried it, but it just feels un-optimized or whatever. The headphone jack is in a weird place, the volume is to quiet, and the L and R skipping thing makes it sound like a not fun time trying to listen to anything when you're on the go. Though, If they ever put up an album for smash 4 I'd definitely jump on it.
  18. Aw geez, I forgot how much I liked the Spirit Tracks overworld theme. That remix sample sounded pretty nice. the MP3 thing sounds like a nice touch, but I doubt I'd ever use it outside of the house. I imaging it'd be a bit of a pain to carry the 3DS around for music.
  19. The only people around here that know about OCR are the ones that I told to check out OCR. Not much of a community in Edmonton, I guess :/
  20. Posting in the introductions thread seems to be the formal way to dip your toe into these forums or whatever so here goes. I go by the name of 0bsidianlink online pretty much everywhere, mostly because i wouldn't want people knowing my real name if I messed up majorly. I've lurked on this forum for about two years now, and only worked up the courage to start posting recently I guess. Music wise I'm pretty much at the floundering "how do I compose" stage that apparently pops up a lot around here. I play piano a fair bit, and would like to think that I'm pretty okay at it. I have a soundcloud where I put the things I've made that I deem not horrible. It's mostly piano improv stuff, but I have a few attempts at composing on there too. They feels really rough and lacking in direction to me right now, but hopefully it'll get better with time and practice. I've played video games for as long as I can remember, and at this point it looks like they're going to be a part of my life whether I want them to or not. I was raised on the nes and n64 which makes me a nintendo kid at heart. Majora's Mask and Mario 64 were good times. Now-days I'm somewhat of a PC scavenger. I usually wait until a year or so after a game is out before I pick it up on computer, half for sales, and half to ensure my computer can run it. I'm basically trying to force myself to join this community because I think I've reached the point win music where I need to ask someone questions if I'm going to get better. I'm lucky if I know what I'm doing half the time, so hopefully I can find ways to make myself improve here. That, and I'm feeling terribly lonely and exhausted from this summer and just really want to talk to some people for once. So yeah, hi.
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