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  1. Well, this mix can be pretty much summed up by the title phrase: Smooth as Honneeeeeeeh!! Keep on... smoothing?
  2. Went on my iPod. Great synth work supported by a fair amount of rockin' ass-kickery. Uniting the melodies works out fine, and overall this mix provides some sexy time.(notice the rhyme.) Maybe not the most classy, in-depth review from a musical standpoint, but I said the relevant stuff.
  3. lolo stop teasing me. What album? What opera? I know there's some underground FF6 project coming, but until it comes, I don't want some inner-circle dudes/gals hyping it!
  4. Props for starting a TMNT project, it's about time. Good luck and all the good stuff with this. Ps. Make the Sewers a good one:wink:
  5. Yea, I considered listing every possible reason there is that could hinder the process of making music, but the point was that whatever the case, you should at least be able to inform the director about the problems and ask help if needed. I'm not saying that people have not updated frequently- how would I know that. I just commented on the "busy" factor that archangel talked about.
  6. Slightly provocative way of saying it, but I agree. Few are the situations where one is caught in such downward spiral that absolutely no time can be dedicated to finishing tracks. Whatever the case, everyone should be able to at least keep the director updated about the progress, no matter how much stuff you have going on in your life:350: I'm still working on my 0,02$. Hope that the missing key tracks get finished soon.
  7. Speaking of starting one, I hope we got one coming here at OCR in the future. Nice work pioneering Castlevania Remix-album love.
  8. Great album. A tasty variety of genres and different styles, easily holds up from start to finish and maintains interest. k-wix really nailed it with this project. If I were to pick some favorites, they oughta be Smooth As Honey, Origami Robots, Cool Burn, Splash Waltz and The Skull Fortress. Speaking of Splash Waltz, it apparently didn't qualify to OCR. Neither was it posted in the flood nor separately. Let me ask why?
  9. I may be a little late with this, but who cares? Wind's still as great as before! And happens to be my favorite album on the entire site. Its shortness, when compared to earlier FF juggernaut albums, is a huge advantage in many ways. Production is solid in every piece, arrangements are well-thought-of and fit the corresponding job/character theme perfectly and the overall quality is kept high throughout the album. Greatest statement being that every mix featured on this album also got accepted to the site, excluding See You Next Time, which isn't supposed to be a standalone mix anyhow.
  10. Wow, you most certainly have skillz, man. Personally, this is not my genre of music but hearing this beast and seeing how long you've worked on this, I urge you to keep on perfecting this until it gets past the judges!
  11. As I'm myself very much into this kind of melodic and "instrumental-sound-oriented" music, some ideas started begging to be let out. 00:00-00:23, it's good that it's a very subtle intro but I think it would benefit from some more vibrant sounds. At 00:13 the windy flute is great but something with a higher tone could be added. 00:24-00:47, love it. Although the guitar got my attention. Of course, I'm a guitar guy, so I always catch that. I think the pattern could be changed for vividness, maybe subtle picking would work well with the atmosphere. Or a picking track could be added alongside
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