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  1. That's a great find, but that still leaves the issue of whether or not your spirit has to be "unbendable". I wonder if Amon's spirit is unbendable?
  2. Just curious, is anybody here actually old enough to remember the "Great Video Game Crash of 1983"? I'm not, but that would seem like a pretty big moment in video game history as it allowed Japan to dominate the video game market. I think the crash also fundamentally changed the manner in which games (particularly home console games) are marketed as well. Other than that, I'd say the advent of the PS2 was a big one. It outsold even the NES and was so successful that it is sort of competing with the PS3 to this day. I understand giving due props to old school, but you gotta admit, PS2 has
  3. Korra seemed to me to be a combination between Sokka's goofiness and Katara's headstrongness. They still haven't lost that Avatar style humor, excellent!
  4. I'm not sure how I feel about her having basically mastered all the elements at the outset of the series. One thing I liked about The Last Airbender was the journey Aang took itself; he seemed to learn so much more and came off as much wiser than a lot of the adults I know. Its definitely gonna be smaller in scale than The Last Airbender. I think the quality of the show is going to be determined by what kind of conflict we see between Korra and the anti-benders. If they're interesting and complex like the Fire Nation royal family was, then the story will be interesting. If not, then its j
  5. Not sure how you feel about vocal music, but if you don't mind it being in foreign languages you should definitely give the FF Vocal Collections a shot! (That's 'Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I ~ Pray' and 'Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II [Love Will Grow]') I just got them, and I'm definitely finding it easier to study and relax in general. These are tracks from FF 1-6 rearranged to soothing vocal music by Risa Ohki. Ones that I particularly like are: " [Don't Cry Little Girl]" (Kids Run through the City Corner)"Kami No Yurikago [God's Cradle]" (Relm) "Harukanaru Kokyou [My Home,
  6. Does anybody else here watch independent media? Coverage on SOPA or PIPA has virtually been non-existent on any of the major news channels. Here is some good news regarding SOPA. "Reddit Co-Founder: SOPA Blackout 'Resounding Success' "
  7. You haven't gotten it yet? Both parties take campaign money from the same big donors (the film industry donates particularly heavily to the Democrats) who tell them to pass legislation that helps their interests. The whole system is broken because there is so much campaign money swishing around, creating the wrong incentives putting the interests of those with a lot of money and connections ahead of the people. Do you watch The Young Turks? They have pretty good coverage on the politics behind SOPA, which is pretty much non-existant on any major cable news show. www.youtube.com/theyo
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIJ_YYR6Apk - "Karma" from Tales of the Abyss Not sure how you feel about anime music videos used in games, but Karma from Tales of the Abyss is my favorite non-FF/non-Square intro. It's too bad the lyrics weren't included in the NA version because they make a really exciting track that much better. The lyrics in this song speaks to how everybody fights for their own right to exist by virtue of simply being alive, very powerful theme there. Particularly these lines: Shinzou ga hajimatta toki [From the time that a person's heart starts beat
  9. - Relm - Relm's Theme has always been particularly moving. She's a bratty punk with a mouth just a tad too big for her britches, but she's also witty and humorous. Beneath that exterior is a sweet, caring girl who can bring out the beauty in whatever she paints, just like her theme song. Vanilla A Rearranged Version
  10. This is a ReMix from a band that isn't affiliated with OCR, but I just had to find a way to share it! These are excellent smooth jazz renditions of "Blackjack", "Relm", and "Searching for Friends" played live. It's so well done, I'm surprised it doesn't have more views than it currently does. Take a listen then tell your friends, tell your neighbors, then tell Randy Gonzalez! Relm Blackjack Searching for Friends
  11. I've been on an "OCR download spree" lately, and I'm usually very picky about which songs I decide to keep. However, I must admit to liking every single song on disc 4 of the Wild Arms - ARMed and DANGerous album. There were a few here and there on the other discs (mostly clustered around discs 1 and 2) that I enjoyed such as "Up an' at 'Em", "Sharp Edge of Love", and "Within Despair Lies Hope". But, with a couple of exceptions, the entirety of disc 4 were definite keepers. This was a great album, but I have to give big props to the guys who composed disc 4. Those pieces, in my opinion, t
  12. I'd like to see a remix of the mini-game theme from LttP. I think it's very fast and interesting with a lot of room for remixing. The rearranged version from the "Sounds and Drama" album has a lot of complex parts which I don't think is anything you guys could not handle. Thank you for your time. Sources: Vanilla - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkFjNttxOJA Orchestrated -
  13. This probably has something to do with it... This excerpt is taken from the Washington Post. ----- "It’s exactly as we feared. For every person who appears to have some grip on the issue, there were three or four yelling at him. - 'I’m not a nerd,' said Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D- Calif.). 'I aspire to be a nerd.' - 'I’m a nerd,' said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.). If I had a dime for every time someone in the hearing used the phrase 'I’m not a nerd' or 'I’m no tech expert, but they tell me . . .,' I’d have a large number of dimes and still feel intensely worried about the future
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