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  1. I've been working for an afterschool program for quite a while now, and I've always used vg music during their homework time as an atmosphere setter. It has worked very well and I'm looking to expand it further. This is what I have so far and kind of what i'm looking for. These are all looped to some degree and the setlists last about an hour. HW Chrono (all Chrono Cross songs) Sailing Another World Arni Village Home Arni Village Another Guldove Village Home Guldove Village Another At the Shore of Dreams Another World HW Symphonia (all Tales of Symphonia songs) Desert Flower Water Symphony Mo
  2. Thanks guys. I'm familiar with Audacity so that shouldn't be a problem after a few minutes of relearning. Mixing and arranging, while something I've always wanted to do, is definately not something I have time for at the moment. Anyways, this community is still awesome.
  3. I've been working as an afterschool teacher for the last 3 years, and during the hour I help with homework we're supposed to have music playing. I've been using various VG OSTs to help fill this up (Chrono Cross, Tales of Symphonia, FF music, etc...). I usually use town themes and forest songs. I was wondering if anyone had a good technique for extending these songs. As you all know most vg music is about a 2 minute song playing on a loop. Does anyone have a way to maybe play that loop 3-4 times without causing any break? It would extend the amount of playlists we use, and help keep a steady
  4. So I saw this on IGN last night and thought it was pretty cool. I actually invested in rockband so, sucks for me lol. There's a good chance the song creator will fall short of expectations, but the idea is there. Competition from the guitar hero and rock band franchise will most likely boost the quality of a song creator over the years. I thought of all the tracks from the remix community that i'd love to try to work into the game. Ailsean-drugstore sells sparks and housethegrate-hydrocity pop in my head. Anything from castlevania... http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/882/882888p3.html Depending
  5. You know I feel like i'm the only one that hasn't had any problems with the brush strokes. Maybe it's because i've played a lot of pointer heavy games? The only problem i think i've had is with the blossom stroke not working. I'll get a sun instead, or it just wont work. With the power slash i usually just do a quick flick to the left and it works every time. Though i'll admit I do get annoyed when the sensor bar goes haywire and starts jumping left and right. It always happens during some intense moment in a boss battle... Oh and I second Imagerys widescreen progressive scan argument. This ga
  6. If it's a tourney then items need to be off. Tournament play is all about competition. Random element shouldn't really be a factor. But if i'm playing casual it needs to be a 4 player match with pretty much all items on. I get lamed by items and final smashes ALL the time when I play with my friends. But you know that's just the fun. It's down to the wire. Only two men left standing. A smart bomb drops, explodes on my face, and i go flying off the stage without a chance. Beautiful. I love it lol. I'll laugh along with everyone else. To me, smash bros without items is like mario kart without it
  7. Me and my friend found that Lucas' pk thunder is great for bosses. Taboo is still a pain, but not as bad.
  8. I can't find random people to play with. So i thought i'd see if you guys were doing wifi yet. Anyone up for some casual brawlin? I'll go throw my FC in the database.
  9. I always thought the vampire legend came from the fact that our ansestors used to cannibalize each other. And I mean this goes back like 800,000 years. Before we were even human yet. So it had a long time to become part of peoples nature. But it makes sense. There's not just one vampire legend. There's many. It didn't originate from some supernatural events. Probably just that people got hungry, and ate each other. But back to the movie. I watched it last night and thought it was pretty good. I will agree with everyone else when they say Will has been doing a good job in movies. He constantly
  10. I prefer ITG2 simply because of the fact I can play whatever stepfiles are out there. It really adds a lot to the game when you have a pretty much infinate amount of songs to choose from. My only problem is finding people who make doubes charts. I suppose I could do it myself, but I spend WAY too much time creating stepfiles. Enough time to where it's not even worth it.
  11. does anyone actually go in clanocr in IRC? Or am I in the wrong spot?
  12. Same percent as running into one... Oh well, i'm not going to do anything else until I get one. I'll just open it up and run around when i'm bored. That's something I could do while watching TV or a Movie or whatever. Does anyone have a shroomish they'd be willing to trade? I just found out it can know a combination of false swipe, spore, and stun spore. Thought it would be nice to have the ultimate pokemon catching pokemon around.
  13. So 10 Chanseys later and I STILL don't have that freakin lucky egg. And what's with those little jerks poppin out my ultra balls? Also, if any of you want a Mime jr. or a Tauros I have a grip from running around route 209.
  14. I don't know if any of you saw this last night or are going to see it today, but I didn't like as much as I wanted to. I dunno... I needed more Venom badassery. There was this problem where every time I was watching Eddie Brook I saw Eric Forman. Anyone else?
  15. Gotta catch that chansey man. It's held by the chansey. I don't know where you find it in these versions but i'm assuming the saffari zone. And we all know how fun that place is... I remember back in the red and blue days spending all day fishing for a dratini. Too bad i didn't realize that dragon/fly is a LAME duel type. After spending all that time xping it too. Those dragon pokemon will sure eat those experience points like no tommorrow.
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