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  1. I wasn't fortunate enough to own a copy of ANY Megaman games growing up, but honestly I listened to this on a whim and all I can say is I'm now marching though Megaman 3 and I'm going to take them all down! Thanks for inspiring an 'ol NES warrior!
  2. I never lost interest. Up beat and true to the song, the drop at :50 followed by the pick up was a nice touch, the keys playing back up to the melody was real tasteful and clean. An all around well put together song! Added to the ipod!
  3. Some times I get a little apprehensive when one of my favorite songs is remixed... and remixed... and remixed. BUT! When its done right, meaning it has its own feel while staying true to the idea of the song. That my friends is art.
  4. Few songs out there make you wish you could hear them in place of the original... this is one of them. Cheers!
  5. I love the opening with the echoing harps and the 1-e-and beat you have them set to. Now just have some fun with that percussion and I'll have this playing on my ipod in no time! Cheers!
  6. This was by far my favorite zone in this game. This song brings me right back to my parents living room in the middle of the night where i'd sneak into to play. Epic mix!
  7. What if you tried at about 1:36 a steady 4/4 time with a semi open hi hat maybe to bring you back in. Your song, if you like it keep it!
  8. I love the strings in the back ground, a real epic feel. I'd say the percussion sounds a little flat and kinda sticks out. Maybe a deep echoed snare? ( and maybe a tympani to complement the strings? sorry band geek ) something to tie the rest of the percussion, which fits, to the rest of the sounds. Maybe draw out 1:20 to 1:29? Its sounding like a f'n winner
  9. Awesome mix my friend. Its always great to return to Zeal in a new light
  10. ! ! ! ! ! EPIC ! ! ! ! ! You can't help but yell along with this spicy number. I'm glad such an influential game gets it's just rewards. GROG ALL AROUND!!!
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