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  1. I think DJP hit the nail on the head when he refered to this as "good stargazing music". Its remenicient of Aphex Twin's Alberto Balsalm. Its just really relaxing.
  2. This is one of those few remixes that actually brings a tear to my eye. I am a huge fan of folk guitar music, and solo guitar music in general, so this is a thing of beauty to me. I suprisingly know little of folk guitar singing so this is a welcome addition to my music library. I congratulate you Dj Pretzle and Geoffrey Taucer on a fine mix.
  3. As much as I liked kLuTz's piano remix I will finally admit that someone has finally made a better mix. I really do hope that BogusRed will have many more submissions in the future
  4. After listening to my "Lamb of God" CD this just doesnt sound heavy enough. Then again nothing does when you compare it to LoG but thats not the point. Really, this track didnt impress me much. It repeated to much and sounded like it came from a badly copied disc. This is one of those very few mixes I dont like.
  5. God this one hurt. The begining sounds like he just picked up the music and recorded his first time playing it...The orchestral piece didnt help either. A good 2/3 of this song was not up to standards in my opinion. I guess the only saving grace (if you could call it that) this song had was when the precussion started in with the electric guitar. The after about a minute of that it went right back to the acustic. Now were back at square one. Most of the time I'm with the judges on their decisions, but how could they overlook 2/3 of the song. I guess everyone has their off days. Even the judges
  6. Very nice. Sounds like a cross between a rave and Jock Jam if anyone knows what that is. The fear of the lord clips realy blend well. This something I could deffinently rave to.
  7. The intro is very solid. Coming in with a dramatic phase in, I knew it was going to be a toe tapping mix. Great job with mixing up the the beats. Thinking back on it though the drums were a little loud, but I could still hear just about everything the mix threw at me. The scratching bits thrown in were just icing on an already delicious cake. This is a very solid mix
  8. What is with this guy and his jazz? Well...for one thing he's damn good at it. I like the whole thing, the instrumentation, the quality, the melody, the beats, and the sax. Im suprised though, that this mix got through. That is, Im suprised that it didnt get rejected for its lack of core melody. I personaly have never heard the original, but if I know Nesk (and I do) very little of his mixes have much to do with the melody. Then again, that still wouldnt stop me from giving it a Yes
  9. Good music, and a very original idea. Taking a theme that is often more breakdownish and turning it into an upbeat piano arrangement. Good execution also. Though it sounds a bit chopy, I doubt anything more could have been done with it as a piano arrangement. Great all around arrangement.
  10. Please do NOT adjust your computer. That repeating is NORMAL at 2:15 Once agian do NOT adjust your computer Other wise this is a great first. Kicking beat with a 6/8th time makes for excelent techno, unless its repeated to often *cough 2:15 cough* but otherwise its all good
  11. you know...the first thing that got me when i listened to the this track was not the amazing skill put into it oh no, it was at how many kbites it ran per second, get this 256k, which is more than some computers can do. But other than that this is one of the best mixes ive ever heard
  12. Subtility is not in this mix's vocab, the piano and organ rifts just fly at you while the solo clarinet and good drums round out this mix. As I was thinking about the mix after school I realized that this mix's piano had a lot of potential, I guess that simpler is beter sometimes, go figure Any way there is one perfect word to describe this mix bubbly (shudder)
  13. Ahhh...music. Good music. Great music. Ah fuck it. One of the greatest ReMixes of all time. Even for Scotts first ReMix, it still kicks ass. One of Scotts greatest hits of all time. Like DjP said. turn down your subwoofer or you may be blow into the wall. P.S. for anyone that cares (which im guessing no one does) this was the remix that got me hooked. (see G.D. post 'Addiction')
  14. Groovy is all i have to say. Reminds me of the seventies as it should. Once agian Scott somehow makes a nigh perfect remix. There has to be some reason it isnt perfect other than the "nothings perfect" argument. Im sure it will come to me
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