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  1. The "Deception" part of this song is absolutely unbelievable... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had goosebumps... I turned the speakers up... by the end of this song it almost brought me to tears of joy from the brilliance To both remixers, just wow... This is something people would happily pay to listen to Chuck this one on repeat, and enjoy Loved it!
  2. What is that thing... it's like a dance kick drum? It starts the track off... I hate it I enjoyed this track enormously... except I cringed every time I heard that sound - I'm gonna call it a kick drum... At 1:57 the kick drum takes a back seat but still feels like it's still violating me... If that kick drum was different I'd put this song on my permanent play list, but as it stands... I'll pass Well worth a listen, some great things happening but beware of the kick drum of doom
  3. I'm not usually a big fan of songs that absolutely kick your arse - but I loved this!!!!!! Brilliant choice of source material.. WOW, if you listen to the section between 1:44 and 2:44 and don't actually feel like breaking something haha... Find that download button, put it on repeat, break something, go absolute mad shit! Great work!
  4. I was wearing a hoody while listening (quite cold atm) and around the 3 minute mark, I ripped my hood off and moved a little closer to the speakers. Not because I couldn't hear well enough... I don't really know why, I guess it was subconscious - but I think my ears wanted to get out to capture the full sound... I really enjoyed it,
  5. Couldn't disagree more... I was listening to this in the background, then a bit of dissonance demanded my attention at about half way through the piece and kept me till the end. Not that I think there needs to be something in every arrangement to surprise you, but if all music went how you expected... well, it'd be average and predictable. I enjoyed this... it really made my day
  6. What an arrangement... Forced me into repeat listens, Recommended
  7. I feel like most people have misunderstood this... like wondering where the source is? It's harmony for almost the entire piece! Not a strong loud - out of place - melody that is often the case. I thought that this made for brilliant background music - which is what video game music is. The muddy soundscape was right on the money, there was no stand out... Only criticism would be of the drums which sit outside the music - that hi hat murders a few sections... it's a relief when it isn't playing. With revised drum work this song could really be something special. Great idea, got really close... keep it up
  8. I really enjoyed this. It doesn't mess around, just gets the job done... and I have to go against the flow about the ending - I was actually expecting a more abrupt finish - a strong single chord, maybe played more than once but most probably I would have thought staccato. Great all round, good fun, enjoyable, a bit mental - loved it
  9. WOW.... I loved it... No need for words when music can be written like that - a rare talent. A lot of people can play, and compose (even me) - but I can't do that... convey a succinct message through instrumentation I loved it
  10. Wow... Best song I've heard on this site. To be fair I've only listened to about 300 of them, but this is the first track (besides some of the solo piano performances) that has actually demanded my attention. I'll be completely honest and say that 90% of the tracks I've gotten from this site I usually edit myself as - IMHO - most of them have pointless intros, outros, sections etc. This song, however, sounds complete, and just perfect. Has great direction and wonderful flowing sections that each just bounce off each other. And those passing piano parts in the accompaniment are just soooo wonderful. Nothing bad to say at all. This arrangement forced me to sign up to the site and comment. Can't praise it enough, this is something that belongs on repeat - could listen to it all day long. Sounds like a complete professional production. Highly recommended, if you don't like it then get a new set of ears
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