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  1. Okay, here goes nothing. Twilight Princes, Hyrule Castle theme. 1. Don't you just love the Hyrule Castle theme? The way it starts off as a soft lullaby, giving the feeling that you're entering an abandoned castle and then boom! It suddenly explodes giving an atmosphere of despair and anticipation, the death traps spring loose and the castle becomes a place where death meets you just around the corner. 2. Have you heard the Hyrule Castle theme? It's an "orchestral" song that can be heard on Hyrule Castle. It does start a bit soft and slow but as it progresses more instruments get added into the mix until you reach the climax. It's like the Ocarina of Time theme in Ganon's tower, except this one is more developed. 3. Do you like orchestral music? If so this song is something you would definately like to give a go, it has a slow tempo but it creates an amazing atmosphere of harmony and discord. Something you could use to scare your annoying little brother in the middle of the night.
  2. Angeles del Infierno. (Cursed be thy name.) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Cross examination Allegro.) The intro of the first song reminded me of the cross examination theme. My mind was blown when I heard it.
  3. Can I join the server please? I won't be a dick/griefer/troll/offensive to anyone. My username is the same as in here.
  4. Do you still accept members to the server? If so what are the requirements?
  5. You have a great voice, the harmony was great too. The only complaint is the lack of instruments, I think that they would make this song sound super (forgive the cheesiness) epic, please you must finish this!
  6. I'm surprised, for a song that has been remixed too many times to count, this remix in particular sounds amazing, the harmony in the second verse is mindblowing. PD: The beginning surprised me since most of the covers begin right on the stage, while you did the short jingle. (Nice job!)
  7. So a DL-6 remix, that's a new one. I'm probably repeating what has been said, but the instruments sound too fake/unnatural, if the sound of the instruments could be fixed it would be a perfect/or near perfect remix. Now on the good note, the arrangement is superb!! For a work in progress, it is amazing. I hope to see this song in the website soon. Source: DL-6 Reminescence
  8. This is genuinely mindblowing! I have no other words for it, the instruments, the melody and the slow soothing rythm makes this song amazing. I'm truly lost for words on this one.
  9. "Not only does the site focus on videogame remixes, but it also has an area for people who make their own original songs. People can post their work in progress, completed songs and receive constructive feedback on how to make their songs better; or if they are already good/exceptional, praise." Hope this helps a bit! Good luck with your speech!
  10. This album is definately full of surprises. The instrumentation of the songs was great (I love the piano in the songs) and they had that "Castlevania feeling" in them. One of the songs that suprised me the most was Iron Blue intention, the chorus was an amazing touch, it was certainly something unexpected and yet fitting. In other words. It's awesome, great songs!
  11. You made this? I'm greatly impressed by the way you made several modern Castlevania songs sound good 8 bit style. The ones that impressed me the most were Iron Blue, Clocktower, Aquarius, Festival of Servants and Lament of Innocence. Even though there were some flaws (everyone makes them), sometimes the percussion was too high or some parts of Lament of Innocence were off rythm, but they aren't such a big deal. Keep up this great job.
  12. No objections for this track. It does the series great justice, the integration of the cornered theme and the cross examination is superb. The solo gives it a huge bonus, the first remix from this site that I heard and it's still one of the best ones I've heard. Now to hand down the veredict. Amazing!
  13. This is dubstep? This is unlike any kind of dubstep I've ever heard. And I love it! It manages to maintain a harmony that I don't think I've ever heard on a dubstep song, and the fact that it brings justice to the Sandopolis theme makes it even better. Someone should give this guy a medal, or a trophy for that matter.
  14. Chrono Trigger Cthulhu saves the world Donkey Kong 64 Banjo Kazooie 64 Rayman 2 Revolution Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex Mario Rpg's (Super star saga, Partners in time and Bowser's Inside Story.) That's all I've got, forgot them on the last post. Enjoy
  15. Done, hope it helps and have a good day!
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