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  1. Hey guys So we've recently been working on a sort of jazzy-EDM type remix for "We All Become" from Transistor. We've got alot down on it now, but we've kind of hit a bit of a wall. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. I've gone ahead and posted a link to the song below. https://soundcloud.com/arkaticasound/we-all-become-arkatica-sound-wip Thanks everyone!
  2. It's such a haunting melody. The instrumental selection complimented it so perfectly. Wonderful job.
  3. I'll admit when I first saw all the source tracks on this remix I laughed a little and wondered how this could possibly work, this remix was a wonderful mix of each of those pieces mixing them together into a track that stands on its own. Fantastic job!
  4. This song is fantastic! This is one of my favorite tracks from the game and they did a seamless job taking it to the next level. Love it guys!
  5. Hey everyone. I'm Phil. I've been a huge fan of this site since I heard about it back in 2009 and I've finally decided to get my feet wet and expand my knowledge. I'm currently a student studying music. I'd like to one day become a music teacher and pass on what I know to others. I'm a pretty decent Bassist and Clarinetist. I'm currently working on improving my skills in Electric Bass and have started to work on other instruments; I'm still trying to learn how to use the editing software. Look forward to working with you all!
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