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  1. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 8 OF 'THE DROP' HOLY SHIT More variety, less alcohol, more Artist of the Week-ness, less drum 'n' bass, more stuff.
  2. Super awesome. Hurry up and finish it so I can play it on my podcast PS: Kota Hoshino is totally my fave, in case you couldn't tell.
  3. I haven't listened yet, but you have MY blessings FOSHO! Armored Core had some fucking great music, and, uhhh, *hey*... if you need some... assistance? Look me up... On the subject of having not listened yet (because I'm presently recording a new episode of my podcast), can I expect to find some "milk" or "In My Heart" action in this? Those are two of my absolute favorites. Concur with Doug about the "Shape Memory Alloys," though, too.
  4. Sooooooo does anyone have any feedback? Particularly anyone who's been lurking? This thread has a fair share of views, and so far it's just been pretty much the same people discussing each episode as they've been released. Anyone have anything they'd like to see expanded on in the podcast? I'm planning on making new bumpers and stuff soon and I'd like to spotlight my Artist of the Week instead of it just being some background thing, but otherwise I'm open to suggestions. tl;dr: NEED INPUT.
  5. Yes, that was the girlfriend. I signed out of everything except Gmail because it tells me when I get new email. Didn't think she'd message me from the phone
  6. I REGRET TO INFORM THAT I WILL BE UNABLE TO MAKE IT FOR A VARIETY OF REASONS! 1.) Money 2.) Girlfriend = double the cost, because I won't leave her behind 3.) Job shit that is preventing me from going anywhere ever 4.) ????? 5.) Profit (or lack thereof; see #1)
  7. And it doesn't even get old no matter how many times you hear it! Wish I could get another DJ gig so I could play it live
  8. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY OH MY GOD I FINISHED A NEW EPISODE FINALLY! And I drank unto drunkenness in the process once again. This is a super episode exploding at the seams with oodles of kickass music. So get it. Get it now. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 7 OF 'THE DROP' RIGHT FREAKIN' HERE
  9. Got my copy of Pendulum's new album in the mail the other day. I bought the super special limited edition boxed set thingy. It's pretty neat. Anyway, the album is all-in-all quite good. I've devised a list of 5 things that annoy me about it, but despite this, it is very good.
  10. Her trip was wonderful and stress-reducing. Currently she's sleeping off a late-night Avatar: The Last Airbender session. And it's her birthday.
  11. Hay guise, gess wut? MOTHAFUCKIN EPISODE 6 IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!! Get it HERE Also, this episode now features +200% drunkenness, along with shout-outs from the likes of Lizz, Star Salzman, and djpretzel himself. All this on top of a fuckload of great music. CHECK IT.
  12. I suppose it could be construed as such! But it wasn't intended to be Nope, I just need bumpers. Moreover, I need to make some more of my own.
  13. Yes, please do. Bumper me. Immediately. With a bumper of any kind, really, not just kazoo-modulated.
  15. Wait a second, what the hell's that supposed to mean? Unless you're implying that it's a really big moth... then it's okay, I guess... Anyway, I've seen that mannequin in person, and I can vouch for its awesomeness. The detail is superb.
  16. It very well may have been! But I wasn't snapping a photo of it, that's for damn sure!
  17. You totally suck at AIM, because I'm totally logged in right now. BeatdropMusic
  18. Everyone was like "That looks like a phallus, not a moth." I'm like "It IS a moth! Here, this is the photo I took it from! I took the photo myself! I can verify no penises were involved!" And everyone was like "Regardless, it's a phallus." And I'm like ">:\"
  19. And now for some photography: http://www.supernovatomic.com/images/Know-The-Way.jpg (Linked because it's HUGE)
  20. Wah-hah! I love art threads! Here's some of my crap: This was a project for a Fundamentals of 2D Design class I took. This particular project was to demonstrate motion with juxtaposition. I got an A. Here's a bunch of forum signatures I've made for myself throughout time. No stock imagery used here (except for the dancing bear fursuit from the video for Jurassic 5's "We Know Something").
  21. Episode 5 is going to be recorded and made available tonight. If you have any shout-outs you want in there, get them to me on AIM, Twitter (@Beatdrop) or FaceBook!
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