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  1. Wavebuster locks Ridley up in his pain anim when he's rearing back for an attack, which allows for an assload more damage, but unfortunately at a steep cost to your missles.
  2. Meta Ridley = pantywaist. Just keep moving and remember that the wavebuster is your friend on his second stage.
  3. Throw a grenade + pause = dead boss.
  4. Not that he was really insanely difficult, but Johnny from the end of Testaments story game in Guilty Gear X2. Starts off the battle with all his coins, which makes his mist finer (damn good screen clearance and fast as shit) a 1 hit kill.
  5. This is my first time commenting on a mix (damn me, i know!) but I thought this was a more than deserving mix to make my first. I'll sum my feelings for this up as best I can... HOLY SHIT THIS RULES. Yup...definately a mix I like.
  6. i dont see how people could think ridley was tough, honestly...but to each their own. i kicked the crap outta him my first time around, but someone else i know took 50 something tries on him...
  7. goenitz = pure unadulterated evil. although omega rugal from the new KoF dream match is a very close second to goenitz's level of cheaposity.
  8. i bitched out SoTN drac even worse, 2 crissagrims and 2 rings of varda = 0wn3d. and nightmare wasnt too tough once i started using missles instead of charged shots on his second form.
  9. The Dark Demon from Demons Crest >=( ASSHOLE.
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