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  1. There's no doubt in my mind that was the case. But would Square even gone so far as they did with the FF7 compilation if they had never shown the tech demo to begin with?
  2. I wonder, would everyone make the same clamor for the remake if it weren't for the PS3 tech demo? Would SE pursue the remake if it had been the case? Not a lot of people were aware the Square had the rep to make tech demos so they could strut their stuff for each new console generation. There was; - FF: Agni's Philosophy for the PS4 - Aforementioned Final Fantasy VII for the PS3 - Final Fantasy VIII for the PS2 - Hell, before they split from Nintendo, they even had a Final Fantasy VI tech demo for N64! Perhaps since internet viral marketing was climbing into adolescence, it just happened to arrive at the most opportune moment? I dunno... Also, if anyone's wondering, Nomura is also showing interest in remaking both Final Fantasy V & VI.
  3. Resident lurker, here. Watched it, loved it, nothing more to say on the matter. But for all that is holy; buy the damned dvd/blu-ray when it comes out and show some support for the practical effects that the movie has majestically graced us with.
  4. They announced the One Punch Man anime! REJOICE!!
  5. Does anyone know if the anime from Toriko holds up to the manga? Because, HOLY CRAP!! I'm reading it right now, and it perfectly holds up with the best of One Piece and Hunter X Hunter!
  6. Definitely Phoenix Wright. The last case in AA2 pretty much solidifies this for me... Apollo comes off across as a naive Phoenix-lite too much for my taste, and for much of his titular game, he seems to be under Wright's shadow. Miles Edgeworth is awesome, but my experience with him during Investigations makes it seem that he's a better written character that bounces off others when he is not the protagonist in his own game. Haven't played the latest one yet. Cannot give a proper opinion on Athena.
  7. I think my major problem with Attack on Titan is that I still have a good memory of both the Fullmetal Alchemist and Berserk manga fresh in my mind. Hard to put into words, but it's done with a mixture of both's genres mixed in with a similar frame of mind that I have in reading them, but yet not feeling nowhere as close to being as well written. I only caught the first episode of AoT mind you, but I kept up with the manga up until certain revelations were made about certain Titans that I dropped it. I just felt like re-reading Berserk up to that point, which was infinitely better.
  8. I LOVE~ HunterXHunter! But Jesus! Do I ever felt like punching the narrator during the entire duration of the Chimera Ant Arc. Sometimes not explaining everything makes for a better scene, ya' know? We also totally need a reboot of Slayers! Preferably done by Gainax, since they're probably the only ones that can do it justice...
  9. I was never truly intrigued by the drama and politics that came with some of the Gundam series I watched, despite liking some of them well enough. G Gundam is amazing for this opposite reason, being the biggest breath of fresh air in the entire series. I only ever seen Gundam purists ever complain about it, since it's the most straight up shonen anime since things like Yuyu Hakusho, though I think a closer comparison comparison in how seriously it takes itself is probably leaning towards something like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It's certainly my favorite Gundam series, I don't what you're talking about.
  10. Hmmm.... you know, I shouldn't find the Dragonball Z Battle of Gods movie so entertaining. But I do. It's an utter delight to me.
  11. I am all for personal tastes. But considering how much I have read comments on both shows. It seems like a weird bizarro world from where you're from. Though it's cool if you like it... If there's a shonen anime one should watch, it's definitely either One Piece or Hunter X Hunter. Both define and transcend the genre at times, especially the latter. I am both surprised and a little angry HXH hasn't had a proper English dubbing yet, despite it being aired on Netflix, if only with subtitles. Kinda feel ashamed for admitting this, but I am actually looking forward to the anime of adaptation of the Prison School manga. Of which, compared to Highschool of the Dead, is completely tame in terms of how utterly perverted it can be. But it more than makes up for its comedic department, and it is one of the few mangas that I had to look away from just so I could stifle myself from laughing. No other manga can make a serious debate on asses both so utterly ridiculous and enjoyable, or have characters misinterpret a situation based on the old "drop the soap" scenario be so hilarious, or even have an unexpected reference to Scorsese's Taxi Driver. It's awesome! XD But still, it is very very ecchi, I can see people be turned off by it...
  12. Can't believe you guys start off by mentioning Richie Branson and not posting this song; which is essentially a bit of sour-sugar happiness childhood gaming nostalgia that's given sound. Richie Branson ft. Random (Mega Ran) - #SuperNintendoSegaGenesis
  13. Eh~, I have it, and it's not that bad. I don't like GfW Live that much either, but you doing yourself a great disservice for not playing it if you don't already have it. Seriously, unless you have a certain preference to a particular system. Just punch yourself for not owning this fantastic game. Also, I am on the fence on getting the Last Remant, I have 30 bucks on my steam wallet, and I don't know whether or not to it save for something like DMC, or for some other cheaper game as soon as they go down in price again...
  14. Is there anyone who wants to trade for Half-Life: Episode 1? I have a copy I want to part with on my Steam account, I will pretty much trade it for anything at this point.
  15. Ok, not really about anime, but... Has anyone here been reading One-Punch Man? Because that manga is balls-to-walls awesome!
  16. A good follow-up to that would be ,"Family Play? I'm afraid I can't let you do that..."
  17. I am not gonna divulge much, but there quite a lot of detailed gore, as well as sex and rape within the story. So it's not exactly for the faint of heart. But even if you're used to that kind of thing in anime/manga, like I am. The author still knows how to make you feel horrible about it.
  18. I wouldn't get into the Berserk anime, though. From what I hear it does not match the quality of the manga. But I haven't seen it to give a proper opinion of it. Try the movies instead, which are of higher quality with mixed reviews. There is also a Blu-ray of the first movie in English, with the second dub being released in August. But again, I have yet to see it for myself to give a critique. If you're gonna read the manga however, be forwarned; It can destroy you. Not to mention it's rarely updated anymore, which is a damned pain trying to read at its current point. Edit: As far as AOT, goes. I am just gonna say that later it seems to follow a certain flow that I find in the Shonen genre that simply turns me off a bit from it.
  19. I find Attack on Titan to be kind of overhyped. But I will give massive props for its amazing production values. The plot and the world its based on are fascinating, but the characters themselves, to me, are something left to be desired. But that's merely going by the manga that I have recently dropped, I have only seen the first episode of the anime adaptation.... But perhaps my expectations have been set too high since I have also gotten to read one the most engrossing mangas I have ever laid eyes on. Of which I am referring to, of course, is Berserk.
  20. So, I figured this is probably the best place to ask, but can anyone recommend me a gaming laptop? I am well aware that desktops are cheaper and better performing, and I do plan on building one in the distant future, so I am likely to come here again if this thread is still up by then. This is merely for my convenience since I do some studying in graphic arts, 3D modeling and After Effects. I tend to do a little gaming, like DayZ, during my downtimes, but I am usually on the go. So far, my research turns up to the Alienware M17X for both my needs, and I have little problem spending around the ballpark of $2k for my build. But I am looking for suggestions. Either a cheaper or better alternative would be nice.
  21. Relatively easy ones; - Gravity Rush (God! I love this game!) - InFamous - Sound Shapes I was a trophy short from Platinum in Fallout 3, but I decided to sell it even though I was a couple of hours of work from obtaining it. If anything, I at least proved myself from not having OCD from getting them.
  22. I never played Journey, but listened to its music well enough to know it's fantastic! The only other game that I wish were nominated for outstanding music would be the underrated Gravity Rush. But perhaps since it was made by a Japanese company, it might not qualify.
  23. This type of genre is referred to as utsuge in japan, meaning it's usually depressing, and often, I hear, soul destroying. Reading Saya no Uta's wiki page, I felt down just reading a summary of the whole thing. I imagine it's a whole lot more intense for those who play it..... and I hear there's a whole slew of games that are even worse! (Worse not being a subjective term, but rather a positve in how it might be seen objectively)
  24. Wow.... so I am so pumped for the release of this project that I had to make myself an account even though I hanged around for years. With all that extra cash, have you guys considered remixing those missing tracks from the contest to add to the album? (i.e. Locke's Theme, Protect the Espers) Also, is it me, or the reason for those 5k backers stem mostly from having an entire original album being made for them? The 10k reward seems like a bum deal compared to 5k pledge. But I dunno, it may be something to revise. Then again, you guys would have tremendous workload to cover. It might not me the best idea. Hmmm.... Or I may just be inconsiderate.
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