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  1. Sounds interesting. Doubt I will be there but interesting nonetheless lol.
  2. If these are not made into avatars soon someone will perish. LT: Those were subbed shortly after the first wave of new avatars a few months ago, so I've had those for a while. Don't worry about 'em.
  3. Sweet a tab, I can actually play those with a little practice. I will have to give it a try sometime and see how it sounds because being able to play any song from CT is a good thing lol.
  4. This mix was amazing. I enjoyed it very much and it was exactly the type of music that I have been looking for. Very soothing and it provides the ambience I have been looking for lately. Very nice indeed. It gets the Fallen Angel seal of approval.
  5. I wish there were more people here a side from myself so we could give a standing ovation. Simply beautiful. Excellent job.
  6. Wow, it FINALLY made it. I was one of the first people to hear this song way back. I actually already had the final version that you see here because I PMed him and requested it when he told me he finished. This song is more then half a year old already and it just appeared on the site heh. I still got the last few wips saved somewhere. I'm just glad this finally made it. Congrats Sadorf!
  7. Yeah, the 3rd Seymour kept me from playing the game for a long time. I just couldn't stand that mountain period. I could do fine but right before I reach the damn save point before Seymour I would get into a battle where they ambush me, THEN THEY WOULDN'T STOP ATTACKING ME!! They got like 3 attacks in row each and there would be 3 or 4 of them. Then I would have to do the whole damn mountain again, plus the fact that I knew there was a chest with level 4 spheres in it and I just had to get it so I could unlock Ultima later on. Then after I finally reached the save point I go to fight Seymour and BLAM, I'm dead again. It pissed me off so I stopped playing for a long time. I still haven't beaten that game but I got past that. I'm up to when you shoot down Sin. I plan on going back too all the temples first so I can get Anima, then the Magus Sisters. Screw Yojimbo he sucks lol.
  8. Well, I don't like MQ that much at all, but the music is fine. I like this mix although I would have to agree with The Nephian on the ending. I don't enjoy abrupt endings like that so much so.....yeah. But otherwise I think the remix is great. Haven't played MQ in forever but I remember this song because of how much I used to play it lol. Good job guys.
  9. Im not gonna read all 34 pages right now so if this one was mentioned then I'm sorry for saying it again lol. I don't remember his name but how about that boss character you could fight in Mario RPG that hid behind that door in Monstro Town. I haven't played the game too much but I fought him for at least an 1 or 2 before I gave up and died. From what I've heard hes SUPPOSED to be that ridiculously hard hehe.
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