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  1. Inspiring! It sounds really familiar, despite being from a game I've never even heard of. I like!
  2. Don't listen to this at high volumes. It feels like someone's kicking your ear. Not that the song is that bad, but the drums are hell on headphones. Maybe it's me. The song is alright.
  3. listening to this song with good headphones makes your ears feel weird. The song's OK. Good quality, not my style.
  4. You actually *enjoy* DBZ? Burn the heathen! Anyway, the song. I was skeptical until hte opening ended. Then, it would have been my favorite ever, but I personally don't go for lyrics in mixes. It's good. I just don't like it. However, that's my fault, not his.
  5. Yep. This was used in "Zombie!" not "Zombie?". Listening now... Its not a bad song. I detect heavy static, but that could be on my end. Whoa! Got past intro. Yay for this song! Download the newage that is this song.
  6. Enough about the name, already its content time. Listening now... hmm... quite good. its a keeper. AmIEvil rules!
  7. Running shoes, my friend. Running shoes. I beat him 15 levels lower than by brother, at level 45. OK, hardest boss ever. Hmm... Megaman 7's Dr. Wily, second form. His attacks were *this* close to being undodgeable, and a full charge shot inflicted a single damage on him, if you could hit him at all. Honorable mentions: Angband: Morgoth. 20,000 HP when you never really do much more than 600 damage per round. His regular attack causes small, localized earthquakes. ADOM: Andor Drakon. Invisible, stat draining, insta-kill, summoning, you name it. Death by courruption. Praying for divine intervention, which normally heals you in that game, instead summons hordes of Greater Balors. Almost impossible. Zande from ff3j. The first time, my battle went like this: Round 1: He scans us. Round 2: Meteo. We all die. Zeromus in the japanese version of ff4. Just big and bad and tough.
  8. Well, I can't say much about this mix. The first time I tried to download it, my computer froze for about a minute and then yielded, for the first time in my experience, a Blue Screen of Death in windows XP. About an hour later, after rebooting several times and reinstalling windows, I tried again. Know what I heard? silence. not a sausage. I don't hate your remix, but it certainly hates me.
  9. All ratings are on a scale of 1 to 6. SONG CHOICE: 5 Final fantasy 4 has great music, so it's really hard to go wrong on this one. QUALITY: 5 Excellent. The instruments all blend together well, and the overall effect is very good. Good job. ORIGINALITY: 4 Note by note, it was very faithful to the original pieces, but through tempo, instrumentation, and volume, an interesting remix is born. Hooray. ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: 4 It's little more than the sum of it's parts, but it's parts are all very good, and the final mix is very enjoyable. Good job!
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