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  1. I have a friend in Japan, who is a conductor and leads a professional game music ensemble. His dream is to preserve VGM in full musical scores. Not piano arrangements, orchestral arrangements, or any other kind of arrangements. Simply sheet music that shows all the instruments in the original music. He is working with Yuzo Koshiro and wants start with ActRaiser. He would like to do a Kickstarter project, but isn't sure how much demand there is in the West. What do you guys think? Would you buy the full score to ActRaiser? Is there any demand for full VGM scores generally? He told me he needs to sell 1000 to be profitable (I don't know what they would cost). Seems high to me, and I told him I'm skeptical, but promised to ask what others think.
  2. Is it OK for a non-OCR-guy to ask for roommates in this thread? We're 2 Finnish guys in a room with 2 beds, looking for 2 extra people. I'm taking one bed and my friend offered to sleep on the floor. Se one bed and floor space available for 3 nights Thu-Sun. This room is the Sleep Room i.e. no partying, only sleeping. I need to recharge after all the concerts and game music love. The reason I came over to OCR for this, is because we are huge video game music fans. Hopefully we'll get likeminded people in our room EDIT: The spots got taken already! (But feel free to say hi to me, I'm tall with blonde dreadlocks)
  3. Ah, no actually I'm not, I just chose my name back when I was really into Nightwish. It's a very pretty word :).

  4. I love your idea. I don't know how successful it will be, but there is no point in talking about that. Just keep going and make it great. I can't give you any technical tips but I have some ideas to throw your way. Take a look at Hooktheory. They have analyses of chord progressions in a visual "piano roll" format. You can usually choose to play a piano MIDI version of the song, or the real thing from YouTube. They are perfectly synced. Take a look at Guile's Theme for example. Hooktheory doesn't have a lot of VGM, but there's some. I'm sure you know SoundCloud. I love their timed comments. Here is for example one of Grant Kirkhope's songs. A combination of Hooktheory's "piano roll" MIDI analysis and SoundCloud's timed comments would be a dream. I know that's probably very, very difficult to program for anyone. But I think the visual aspect would make it easily approachable.
  5. Wow, I cried. I have been wishing for a Golden Sun remix for a such a long time. I just non-chalantly played the song and all the nostalgia rushed back to my body with shivers, tears and all. Thank you. I can't give you constructive criticism right now, but I really enjoy this song. Good production values and it stays true to the original song! EDIT: Someone help me. I cried again for several minutes, what is happening to me? I'm serious, this song is too beautiful.
  6. Yeah, I know it would make sense to be within VGMdb. Here are some problems that might arise, if I would do that: - Not sure how it would fit my thesis - Huge responsibility and pressure on me to integrate something in the awesomness of VGMdb. - Bilinguality. I need the Japanese with me on this. - Accessibility. I would rather have the concerts and a search bar at the front page when you land on this site. Clicking on buttons to get to submenus is boring. - Simplicity. Japanese flocked to Twitter because it was simple. If this would be within VGMdb and only in English, that might scare them away. Me and Gigablah were thinking that this could be a subdomain for VGMdb. Does for example sound good?
  7. Does anyone know of any VGM shows in January after MAGFest? I'm coming from Finland and I'm wondering what other VGM-related things I can do besides MAGFest.
  8. I love you if you read this. I'm a huge VGM fan from Finland. I will graduate next year from university and my thesis will be about building a website for VGM live shows. Everything from orchestral concerts to rock shows and DJ gigs. All live shows in all countries. It will be user-contributed, like VGMdb. My programming skills aren't great, so the end result will simpler than VGMdb. But I am highly motivated and I have until May to get enough done for a thesis paper. After that I will of course keep improving the site and I hope someone else can help and maybe eventually take over. Features I would like to implement (this list is not at all comprehensive): - Practical info like date, country, city, venue, composers, arrangers, performers, style of concert (orchestral, cover band, DJ etc.) - Shows properly linked (in the database) to all the above, so customizable searches can be done easily. - Ratings & "I went to this show" -button. This information would be visible on the registered users profile. - Setlists (and composer/arranger breakdowns, especially important for orchestral concerts). Don't know if this should have it's separate box, like tracklists on VMGdb. Might be difficult with shows with many performers like MAGFest. - Links to external sites related to the show: official site, tickets, reviews, interviews... - Artist links etc. to VGMdb - Scans of pamphlets and stuff related to the show (at least in Japan you get tons of pamphlets at every show) - "Products represented", like on VGMdb, so that you can search for all shows with music from a specific game. - Info about past concerts is also welcome. It would be great to quickly find info about the Orchestral Game Concerts in the 90's or Germany's Leipzig concerts 2003-2007. I also see bands putting all their past shows in the database. But of course future concert are the most important thing. - Anyone can contribute information. Admins and editors have more privileges. - Possibly also concerts with chiptunes, anime or original music by game composers (not personally that interested in these, but I suppose many VGM fans are) What would you like to see on this site? I plan to make this site also in Japanese. - I met the writers for 2083 and Game Music Garden (the two best VMG concert info sites) in Japan last month and they were very supportive. Once I get this site rolling they will help by providing info about concerts in Japan. - During the summer there seemed to be VGM shows in Japan every weekend. The Japanese themselves find info about these shows via 2083, some blogs or through tweets. One centralized site is needed. - Both the conductor and the founder of the Little Jack Orchestra want more western fans in their concerts. I got that feeling from other Japanese too: wanting to connect the east and the west. - I speak only intermediate Japanese, so all help is welcome in this department too. ------ PS. I'm always happy to meet other VGM enthusiasts, so say hi to me (tall, blond dreadlock dude) at the next MAGFest! I'm on Facebook and Twitter, in case someone's interested. PPS. Gigablah from VGMdb proposed that this site could be on their servers. So now that's happening and I'll have access to their databases!