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Found 7 results

  1. Here is a dramatic track I made based on my favorite side-scroller game the dramatic influence is based on the bosses in the game
  2. Good morning all, I present to you on the link below my youtube channel which includes musical arrangements for wind orchestra. I hope I haven't put this topic in the wrong place. Good listening to all. I would suggest my remixes directly on the site as soon as possible. Thank you https://www.youtube.com/user/thetigerblack/videos
  3. I created a remix based on the popular yet catchy as heck, Bad Apple from Touhou Have a listen, and what do you guys think? what are you thoughts on the song?
  4. Hey guys, i am kinda new to this site, but my name is KaiserBeats, an arranger and remixer from youtube and soundcloud, and I am hoping to get my word out into the popular arranger site, OcRemix!, Anyways, I wanted to share some of my arrangements here as way to see what you guys think about them and if they are OCRemix Potential, or perhaps you can give me some advice on these arrangements and finally a youtube link because this remix of mine has gotten to be quite the trend what do you guys think? Pretty neat eh?
  5. OK I've already asked the administrators for the site, but I want to get all my bases covered. Any help would be greatly appreciated! --Joshua (aka TNB) Hello, I am just starting out in music. I've released a single on itunes of my own original music. But I have a question. I want to sell covers of video game music. I can get a Mechanical License from loudrfm. However how do I know if I have the legal rights to use Images relating to what I am covering for the artwork for the music? Any help would be greatly appreciated, --Joshua
  6. So recently I've been playing a few games specifically because they put me in a position to make decisions that seem to have emotional outcomes and I've been really fascinated by this particular facet of design. I know that we've had a lot of games that by design (usually story) have had an emotional affect--like the death of a character, etc.--but these aren't emotional consequences based on the decisions you make as a player (usually). Like FF6 and FF7 had some emotional story marks, but these weren't the result of a decision rather they were emotional moments in a story surrounding characters the player had already invested in (as an example). I first started thinking about the impact of these sorts of game scenarios when I was playing Life Is Strange: [spoilers] During the scene in Chloe's bedroom, when her step-dad comes home and Chloe asks you to take the rap for her/protect her/etc. I got stressed out because I had, for whatever reason, bonded with the idea of Chloe as a friend and an important person--I was invested--and I wanted to make decisions that would help her, but I wasn't sure how much I was willing to sacrifice my own player motivations and character in the game. [/spoilers] There does seem to be a slight element of personal sacrifice in these sorts of scenarios and I'm really interested in hearing other people's experiences with game scenarios where you, as a player, have been placed in a situation where either the stress of making a difficult decision or the outcome of a decision resulted in an emotional stress/reaction. I would love to hear the scenario and how you felt about it and whether you thought it was a compelling or engaging experience. (And why you think it effectively tugged at your emotions) And be sure to tag your spoilers for courtesy. I'll offer another one, This War of Mine: [spoilers] I stumbled upon a woman being assaulted by a man with a gun in an abandoned building. I heard them arguing from outside a door and could see through a keyhole that he had a gun. He pulled her struggling off screen with the strong implication that he was going to rape her. I only had a shovel for clearing rubble, so I wasn't sure I could help her, but I wanted to help her--it seemed like the right thing to do. So I braced myself and pursued in the hopes that I could surprise him or get the jump on him with a shovel. He had taken her into a flatbed truck with the door closed, so I decided to just rush in. I died/was shot. That is, my character died, and he died forever. I was frustrated, of course, he was a good character in the game, and there were game related consequences for his death. But emotionally, it was everything that lead up to it that was really thrilling. The feeling of fear, anticipation, and the strong sense of justice that doesn't really apply in the real world was evoked. It was exciting and emotionally charged and it rested completely on my choices. [/spoilers] I'd love to hear what other people have experienced, what games they've played where they've faced these sorts of decisions, and what they thought about the experiences afterward.
  7. Basically every artist will eventually develop an art/drawing style to call their own. I'm actually curious, which is why I want my fellow OCR Artists to come together (me included), settle on a popular (or not so popular) video gamer character to draw, and see how each one looks or turns out. If you're looking for a reward or something, if you live in the US I might be able to send some PayPal cash... I hope this will be a fun learning experience for all of us. I may not be that good at making music, but I'm always looking to learn new things to use in my artwork. Now I just need to figure out who the character will be...
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