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  1. Gambit also made an appearance in the arcade fighter X-Men.

  2. I thought I'd update you that Batsu has recently been a character in the Nintendo 3DS Capcom RPG, Project X Zone, as a solo assist.

  3. My favorite video game of all time, now you're making me want to switch cartridges!
  4. I like the way this ReMix has been interpreted. It's soft like floating out in open space, the opening bass is a tribute to the ol' Genesis (the rival of my game system) and the exact timing allowed me to whistle to it, something that's pretty rare among ReMixes around these parts. Normally I must listen at least three times to be able to whistle to it while working, but no problem here. Well done Neil!
  5. :tomatoface:I'd say you're forgetting Gradius 3
  6. I've been getting tired of not finding remixes simply because they're not tied to their associated "Song(s)". Here are some great examples of songs I never would've found without looking over the Youtube archive: Top Gear 2 "Rolling Start" by Rayza and "Dance Nation" by bLiNd Song: Auckland [*]Top Gear "Rockabilly ~ Dark Gears ~ Surfing Gear" by 8 Bit Instrumental Songs: Track 1, Track 3, Track 4 [*]Final Fantasy VI "Demake Some Money" by jaxx Songs: Locke's Theme, Forever Rachel On a side note, these songs are missing from the OC ReMix page for Top Gear 2: Title (Sega Genesis) Results (Super Nintendo) Auckland Ayers Rock Canterbury Plains I'm going to post on this thread any mistakes I may have found. If any of the moderators can update the information based on what I've found, I will feel I have properly contributed to OverClocked ReMix.
  7. I've played this game countless times since I was a kid. I find this mix to be an awesome mix of Tracks 1, 3 and 4 respectively. All the different instruments make this experience one-of-a-kind. I find myself bewildered as to how this precision guitar-picking was pulled of. This is a fine mix of metal, classic rock and beach guitar. The whole game cycled through my head as I heard this remix.
  8. This is an awesome piece of music, and I never had expected a remix I had on my SD card to be beaten. And now, I know that bLiNd has done such an amazing job that this will be listened to for ages. It takes very nice work to make me hook up my SNES and play a game a remix is based on... Congratulations, "A WINNER IS YOU"
  9. A lot of passion obviously went into this track. The 90's rock guitars, the opening, the...wow, you OC-ReMixers are amazing. You get the feel of a journey as you're three-fourths through the track, and then, the boss music gives you a little bit of the creeps at the end...probably a good thing as the boss enemy is a spider-bot. I'd love to see the entire game of Axelay remixed with this exact kind of music by these guys. It would make an epic album.
  10. Why wasn't there a remix for Grass Land? It's a truly classic piece that deserves the most attention as it grabs at any gamer's heart (or anyone's for that matter.)
  11. There are some shooters that are catchy for their music. Great examples include: Acrobat Mission Strike Gunner S.T.G. (First track) Nostradamus U.N. Squadron (Mainly the Battleship Minks and Wolfpack stages) Darius Gaiden Darius Twin Don't get me wrong, I love the other tracks on U.N. Squadron, but I just haven't heard any decent remixes of either. Oh yes, I specified the Wolfpack rather than the Enemy Air Force because of the boss music. Acrobat Mission deserves the most love. It's a brutal shooter but the music makes it worth it. Especially the first mission's track!
  12. I've always loved the Pokemon series, and it's unfortunate I haven't had the money to get Black 2. But that's besides the point. What really matters is this original soundtrack, something of a hard-rock improvement that could easily have beaten the rock remix found in LeafGreen and FireRed. This remix simply builds continuously in adrenaline...and I love it. If anybody catches my drift, they will know where I'm coming from. It captures the mindset of the Trainer going for the Badge. It's an adrenaline-rushing fight that also has an element of cool and calculated. I don't know how else to say it. Well done. That's all to be said.
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