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  1. I thought I'd update you that Batsu has recently been a character in the Nintendo 3DS Capcom RPG, Project X Zone, as a solo assist.

  2. Dude, I didn't make any accusations other than them being picky, you however accused me of falling for the first story I heard about the mods from some disgruntled UnModder. All I said is I didn't like them or this place and that's fact... I didn't point fingers and said they did stuff or call them names like you did to me. I didn't get up in arms, I got disgusted and left. I pretty much did put up with it and then shut up about it because really, it was all silly. Just as silly as you guys circling around me for not praising OCR right now. I've been saying the same thing from the beginning, I don't think you've been reading my actually posts. I think you need to take your own advice, if you don't like me not liking everything about this place, put up with or keep quiet about it (or as you say, shut up). Um, right... I need to get over myself because others have a problem with my opinion... WAIT, is that what this is all about? Because I haven't been using "IMHO" every time I say I don't like something here? I was looking for someone and now that I got in contact with them I guess I can leave again. Came to this thread to pass time while waiting for a response. You guys can waste your time arguing back, but I'm not even going to bother coming back to this thread since I got what I needed already. However here's a recap; -I said this place hasn't really changed after UnMod's deletion. -I don't care for OCR anymore or the BIG NAMES running it. You wanna say something go ahead, say how much I suck since I don't agree with you or praise with you, say I'm running away, whatever I don't care anymore (honestly I don't). Baha boy here was in my face and huffing and puffing about me answering him. I don't see this as serious business, but apparently you guys do. So later, I'll try to not let the door hit my ass on the way out.
  3. Oh, sorry I didn't keep logs. I didn't think I'd be standing before court for all this. No, I didn't neglect the plight of the BIG NAMES. I was well aware of the Sidebar Wars and found it rather rediculious that posters were getting up in arms over it. So much so that I did this since I was playing MGS3:Subsistance at the time. I was keeping it logical until I heard stories from both sides and both lead me to think lesser of the BIG NAMES. I was neutral about it till then, cause I thought the BIG NAMES were right but I had fun at UnMod too. So with everything that happened, I found myself not having fun and kept finding myself disgusted with certain people then I did the logical thing... I left. So why is it a big deal that I don't care for OCR and the BIG NAMES?
  4. Nope, anything I read about it was pretty much the same thing. As to the whole blanket thing, I can't remember since it's been what 3 or 4 years? I remember I was kind of disgusted with the BIG NAMES in charge. After some of the things I read from those BIG NAMES in IRC it all seemed rather accurate enough for me to form the opinion that they were unsavory judges/mods/popular remixers (Oh wait sorry ReMixers )/people to deal with. So, am I in bannable territory yet or what?
  5. Personally I don't find Mountain Dew too drink able, but that Cherry Citirus stuff they had for Halo 3 was pretty great. Now that I think about it tho' that new Volt stuff of theirs is pretty good too. As to why this new stuff is linked to WoW... maybe there was a small flux in the subscribtions and Blizzard paniced thinking it was gonna fall apart there. Or maybe it was a standstill... I dunno. Personaly I don't care either, WoW isn't my thing (neither is Halo 3 and I drank that stuff...)
  6. I mean the place hasn't really changed since the Deletion of Unmod. After learning of the dark drama behind that tho' I couldn't stand the idea of this place anymore, or at least the people running the place.
  7. Dang, Txai found me! >__< lol Hi Txai. Anyway, yeah I gotta say this place hasn't really changed (tho I haven't really looked around yet) aside form the layout. Final Fantasy is still getting the shit Remixed out of it and mods are still picky, if not pickyer.
  8. I'm surprised the lot of you's is still here. I can't even remember when I left this place. btw, how are things?
  9. Mr. Frog! It's been awhile hasn't it? I've been nominated to ask you to visit the Remod forums http://remod.cakearmy.org/ . We of the Cake Army look forward to seeing you again XD

  10. I'm finding it hard to believe that you guys thought this would go so unnoticed that you had to send out e-mails and beg forum members to spread the news. <sarcasim>Cause news about FF7-ANYTHING is just that slow.</sarcasim>
  11. DJP, DUH! Probably Pixietricks too but I can't confirm that.
  12. As grateful as I am for seeing a different game being introduced to the list here and that the remix is in a completely different style of music of the source material, I have to say this one's rather boring. Not because it's not fast and hard like the orginal track, but because it drags on. Then again that's how alot of orchestral peices are.
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