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  1. The only work you need to do if you want to participate is to fill out a questionnaire and a survey.

    Hmm. I'm trying to decide what music to send you to check out.

    How about this? http://pumpernickel.ca/music/Meadows%20of%20Silence%20-%20Performance.mp3

    It is a piece for two pianos which is an example of how to do a lot with very little. The repetitive nature of it is what makes it interesting since I set up an expectation and then I thwart it over time. A lot of my other music is much more complex but I like the simplicity and meditative quality of this work.

    Keep in touch, dude! I Love what you're doing!

  2. Ok, this is great!

    https://soundcloud.com/crystalkingdom/sadpianoenvironment This is the piece I want to include in my project.

    The 'class' is called a 'Major Field Study'. In my DMA program, the first 2 years include composition lessons and coursework but year 3 is devoted to a research project which is a topic of my choice. So this isn't going to be a short 20page essay. The project will probably be c.a. 80 pages long by the time I'm finished. I'm particularly interested in how the compositional decisions you make are informed by your listening experiences with old JRPGS i.e. Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger in this case. My advisor for this project has said that he hears a new breed of tonality showing up in the last 5 years in music school. Rather than the usual atonal schlop, people are using tonal harmonies in a way none of the classical composers ever would.

  3. Hey,

    would you be ok if I use a couple of tracks in my research project I'm doing? The project is part of my doctorate in composition and I am examining music composed by gamers. There are so many talented people here and I'd love to give a shoutout to all you in academia! There is more to music than Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc.

    I'm particularly in your Beryl Beach Kirby sample project and the Breezy Sky Mario Style piece.

    Keep writing awesome music.

    Best wishes


  4. Also, Secret of Evermore is the most underrated SNES game ever with a great soundtrack by Jeremy Soule. I second StarDragonJP's sentiment that it needs remixes! The opening track would be a perfect candidate!

  5. Hey, I loved your battle theme. Can I possible use it as part of my DMA Research Project? It will be for academic use only as a part of an 80 page paper where I examine music composed by gamers. Let me know what you think, and I think your music is AWESOME!!


  6. Hey SanctusAudio,

    I love your battle music. Would you be interested in letting me use it as part of my University Research Project? I am doing a doctorate in music composition and part of my graduation requirements is to write a research project on the topic of my choice. I am investigating music written by gamers. For the project, all I do is transcribe (Make sheet music) from the audio and analyze / discuss it. So it is used purely for academic purposes.

    Let me know what you think, and keep writing great music!


  7. Let me know if you want to hear any of my music as well. I can send you some stuff besides the film scores I posted in the forum here.

  8. Orion, can I use Exploration Theme for my Research Project? I'm working on a project which talks about the music written by gamers and I think your music would be a fantastic addition. I am basically transcribing (Making sheet music) and analyzing music from gamer composers as well as transcribing music from popular video game soundtracks. I compare the difference and similarities between both. Let me know ;)

    Also, I want to hear an edited version of that medley you composed. Very excited to hear how it will turn out in the end!!

  9. PostmanCHILE,

    I absolutely love your music and I'm wondering if I can use 'Water Stage' as part of my Doctoral Research Project? I'm currently working on a DMA (Doctoral degree) in Music Composition and part of my degree requirements is to write a research project on a topic of my choice. I love the music written by gamer composers so I decided to focus on this as my topic.

    For the project, I am transcribing (making sheet music) and analyzing compositions by gamer composers as well as music from various VGM soundtracks and looking for cool relationships between the two. Let me know if you're game!!


  10. Rad!! I love music and I think there is a lot to be learned by checking out up and coming artists. Music school is stagnant!

  11. Drop me a line and we can talk about the research project ;)

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