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  1. After a bit of silence, I've finally got some stuff to say:

    1. First and foremost, we've got yet another claim! @begoma has taken "Desert Palace Zone" from Sonic 3 - really glad to see more people on board! Welcome, man! :D
    2.  Sadly, another claim was dropped, so Sonic R is now available again!
    3. We've also got our first few WIPs and I'm super excited about that!

    Let's get going, guys :)

    EDIT: Looks like we've got R action back! @PirateCrab is gonna give the classic "Can You Feel the Sunshine?" a try! Welcome to the project!

  2. Hey guys!

    1. First of all - the project now has a name! The title is indeed "Super Sonic Racing!" - yes, it is simple, somewhat obvious, and even a bit silly, but I figured it would work just fine :D
    2. I've updated the first post with a bit of information, mostly regarding the deadlines. Everyone who joined the project have already recieved a personal message about it, but I thought it is worth mentioning here as well.
    3. I've seen a few project directors creating discord servers for coordination. I think this is a very nice way to keep in touch with each other, so I'm going to send everyone a link to our project's server.

    P.S. tagging @Sir_NutS just to ask whether he has made up his mind yet ;)

  3. TEAM SONIC RACING Gets Animated Mini Series In The Form Of TEAM ...

    Hey guys! I think a lot of you love that Blue Blur that goes by the name of Sonic the Hedgehog! And I'm also sure that a lot of you love racing games or just games that involve any kind of competition, right? So, what if we take the best of both worlds, blend it together and make a tribute album? ;)

    Album Concept: the goal is to create an album honoring racing in Sonic games. They are usually super underappreciated from gaming and musical perspective, so I want to remedy that! The list of allowed games includes games fully dedicated to racing (e.g. Sonic Free Riders) and games that has 2P racing mode (e.g. Sonic 3). 10-ish tracks in total would do just fine. There're are also a few personal recomendations regarding the first and last tracks: either  "Green Light Ride" from TSR or "Race to Win" from Sonic Rivals 2 would make a perfect album opener, and "You're My Number One" from Sonic R is a perfect candidate to close the album. But that's just my opinion, y'know ;)

    Genre Guidelines: this album is dedicated to racing games, so pumping music is what we need for sure. Any kind of energetic rock or electronica is more than welcome! The closing track, however, can be much more different. For an album closer I would like to have either something chill and mellow which could symbolize a victory lap or some huge, epic, uplifting orchestral track which would work as victory fanfare :)

    List of allowed games (games in bold are already taken, see below):

    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2P tracks)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (2P tracks)
    • Sonic Drift
    • Sonic Drift 2
    • Sonic R
    • Sonic Heroes (Quick Race and Ring Race)
    • Sonic Rivals
    • Sonic Rivals 2 
    • Sonic Riders
    • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
    • Sonic Free Riders
    • Team Sonic Racing

    Everyone who wants to claim a track - just let me know in this thread. If you're not a posted remixer, please, send me a completed work of yours, so I could have an idea about your level of skills. Now, there's a lot of games to choose from, so no more than one claim per game is allowed.

    Claimed tracks:

    1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Mystic Cave Zone (2P) - claimed by @Chernabogue
    2. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - Un-Gravitify - claimed by @General Offensive
    3. Sonic Riders - Theme of Sand Ruins - claimed by @Huepow00 (DJ EAR)
    4. Sonic Rivals 2 - Neon Palace Zone - claimed by @GlacialSpoon
    5. Team Sonic Racing - Clockwork Pyramid - claimed by @LongBoxofChocolate
    6. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Desert Palace Zone - claimed by @begoma
    7. Sonic R - Can You Feel the Sunshine? - claimed by @PirateCrab
    • Red - claimed track, no WIP
    • Orange - initial WIP
    • Purple - significant WIP
    • Blue - finished arrangement (unmastered!)
    • Bold blue - final wav

    Deadlines: I will not set fixed deadlines, but instead I'm going to handle each claim individually. It is highly recommended to keep in touch with me and send some progress at least every month or so. Ignoring me for too long and missing deadlines can result in your claim being dropped. Of course, life can be rough sometimes and I can easily understand that. Just don't disappear for too long! I may as well reach out to everyone from time to time just to make sure everything is okay. Ideally I'd like to have all tracks finished by the mid-spring of 2021, but we'll see how it goes :)

    The project crew:

     That's all, I guess :)

  4. I've been putting this one on repeat quite a lot recently. If I want to listen to something before sleep or just when going for a walk, this will be one of my picks, no doubt. It's just insanely good, certainly one of the best chill remixes I've ever heard. Incredibly smooth from the very first to the very last second. Like, I cannot just say how much I love this track. Especially love the call-and-response between two pianos at 1:50 - so sweet. And the overall usage of those instruments is beyond any praise. And the whole track too. Absolutely fantastic collab! Gonna loop it a few more times, I think ;)

  5. Oh, this is really lovely! This sort-of uplifting dreamy techno soundscape is just perfect. I can totally agree that there's nothing too outstanding or mind-blowing in terms of arrangement, but on the other hand there's a plenty of variety and subtle details here and there (like scratches and twinkling sounds) that made me appreciate this track. The beat may be repeating a lot, sure, but I don't care at all. The groove is super catchy and I love it! And boy, that phat, almost guitar-sounding synth at 3-minute mark is so good. Defenitely spiced the things up a bit. Very solid stuff overall!

  6. Wow, it's a shame I've missed this one somehow. I'm always into the quirkier/glitchier soundscapes that manage to maintain some structure and has a wide range of melodic stuff going on, so this is certainly a nice treat for my ears. Absolutely love the huge as heck drums used throughout the whole track, and, DAMN, that fake ending at 3:41 got me so much! Killer stuff :D