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  1. *This is the best remix on the site.* 1) Why are there 50+ reviews written for it? See above. 2) Why are the musical dynamics unmatched? See above. 3) Why is it 7 minutes long? See above. 4) Why am I bothering to write a review like this? See above. 5) I've only heard half the song and I'm writing this. Why? See above. My god, man...this is a damned work of art. Props in the highest degree.
  2. This is a beautiful piano piece...it's the kind of music you would hear in a movie when a guy is sitting on his porch out in the middle of the woods, birds flying by every once in a while, a deer standing right there, grazing or whatever...hehe. A truly beautiful piano piece, and deserves the score I gave it, since it is flawless in accomplishing what it set out to do...the only reason I gave it a 9 is the ending. The ending is a *little* too sudden...I would have LOVED to hear a more elaborate ending. 9/10
  3. Hmm...I'm no remixer, so I don't know about samples, etc... But all I can say is that I honestly find this mix very enjoyable and happy, especially the break at 1:00. For using free music software AND doing it on linux, I can only wait and hope he gets some better music mixing software...then I think we're looking at a potenial "one of the best remixers" here. Keep mixing, buddy.
  4. The wingless J.A. Burnett blows my mind once again with this incredible remix. This mix is simply etheral. As the liquid acoustic guitar and piano play, I have to resist closing my eyes and swaying my head to the rhythm...it's almost hypnotizing. Then when the guitars come in, I feel empowered and I just wanna headbang to it...for a few seconds. It's just amazing. THE WINGLESS IS THE BEST!!! NO ONE WILL EVER BE BETTER!!! Edit: Oh, I just listened to it again and my roommate asked me, "What is that?". He rarely ever asks and when he does, you KNOW it's a great remix...because he usually isn't into my remixes and he's only ever asked me twice before, for..."Aphrodite Oceanus" (Also by The Wingless) and "Fury of the Furries".
  5. This is an excellent remix from start to finish, beginning with the pumping bass beat that is reminiscent of an actual cello/bassist playing, and the trippy, lead semi-spacy pianoy sound, whatever it is...works perfectly. The whole ensemble just comes together like clockwork. Truly a perfect piece...and I LOVE that badass guitar solo!!! Oh yeah, gotta dig that jazzy bebop beat.
  6. I simply cannot get enough of this track. I listen to it over and over, but I still want to listen to it!!! Oi, this track is simply amazing...like fire & ice, these two remixers would not have been thought to mix well (no pun intended), but they really have a masterpiece here.
  7. I totally agree. The sub-par recording of this piece seems to add a sort of sorrowful, edgar-allen-poeish sense. It sort of reminds me of those old black and white movies...I LOVE it, and I just think this piece would be much less effective if the recording quality was upped.
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