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  1. Your gonna be 43? I'm gonna be 34! BOOM I hijacked the entire thread. Now everyone will be talking about me instead of you. Hahaha. Just kidding. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Yeah? Well... Well I'M GONNA BE 24 HAHAHA

    In, like, 6 months.

    Happy Birthday Sir Person-Whose-Birthday-It-Is!

  2. It's gonna be somewhat orchestrated metal, and the whole second half is acoustic, so it's quite different from Mogstradamus... but at least it doesn't have vocals! So that's.... good? :-)

    Haha. Well, not the biggest metal fan myself, but I can certainly appreciate well-orchestrated stuff ^^ I trust it will be glorious

  3. I hope you like it! I actually sent a revision to Fishy not too long ago, just an updated mix. It will hopefully be super solid when the album comes out.

    As for when the album is coming out... all it's gonna take is a chorus of angry, impatient album remixers. :lol:

    I bet it will, man! Not that it has any bearing on this song, but I loved what you did with "Mogstrodamus", so I'm excited for it :D

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