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  1. Thanks Voex, I can hear what you mean now that you mention it. Sometimes you need another set of ears. I honestly find the final mix, EQ and mastering to be the hardest bits. I've uploaded another mix that hopefully tightens the bass a little by taking some of lingering boom of the kicks away and using a sub-sine to drive the bass lines more. There's some minor hat tweaks and some very subtle "presence" (mid-high reverb and widening) on some leads too. Thanks for the tips, I'm ready for round 2.
  2. Hi all. This is my first time posting an original piece on OCR. Feel free to give a critique. Please be nice! This started off as just an experiment to capture some 80's Synthwave style sounds so the composition is quite simple. Trouble was it got a bit stuck in my head, especially when out on a run, so needed to be finished. It's intentionally in a short, "Radio Edit" format which I quite like for this. If I was to be critical of a few things myself, I think there's some EQ work to be done to crisp things up a bit. A certain amount of mud is needed for the 80's feel and heavy drums but some tweaks might lift it a bit and increase the power. Have at ye!
  3. That trailer man... so hype. First time hearing the other work that's gone into this and it's all sounds so good! Can't wait!
  4. A legend returns! McVaffe's IceCapped is one of the first remixes I had to download. Happy days. A solid mix overall. The drums are the standout element with just a great punch to them.