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  1. Any help would be appreciated. I got this video from a Hyperspin frontend and i absolutely love this beat. I'd like to know who made it and if they have any more material. I've tried Shazaam and the other similar services but they have no idea and there also isn't a proper title. I asked the uploader where he got the song and he doesn't recall. Thanks for any help fellow Audiophiles! https://streamable.com/1m3y5
  2. This song immediately reminds me of El Duce of the Mentors. While El Duce's style is wildy far from this mix, the vocals have a similar stutter skip effect where every word is shot like popcorn from the mouth. Love the weird spin, this style reminds me of Fred Schneider from the B-52's (Funkylittle shack! funk-y lit-tle shack! juke-box mon-ey, etc...)
  3. You are definitely referencing "Clubbed to death" in the beginning. I instantly thought of the matrix. I know exactly what you mean by Bowser's Road having a sort of hidden energy and I'm pleased to hear it in your mix.
  4. why o why o why o why o why is there STILL not a 'Castle Theme' remix? Rant aside, this remix is sweet, adding it to my collection now.
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